"Shocked" That It's Not Healthy, Mother Sues Nutella

A mother of a four-year old child has filed a class action lawsuit against delicious hazelnut spread Nutella. In her complaint, the mother says she was as “shocked to learn” from her friends “that Nutella was in fact not a ‘healthy,’ ‘nutritious’ food,” as advertised, “but was instead the next best thing to a candy bar.”

In ads that for the spread that the suit calls “misleading,” Nutella is said to be part of a “tasty yet balanced breakfast.” The mother claims Nutella “contains dangerous levels of saturated fat,” and “over 55% processed sugar.” These ingredients, “significantly contribute to America’s alarming increase in childhood obesity” and can cause type-2 diabetes, heart disease, and other “serious health problems,” the suit claims.

Or you could just figure that choco-spread isn’t a salad and should only be used in moderation…

Nutella faces lawsuit over ‘healthy’ claims [The Globe and Mail]

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