No Difference Between Large & Small Beers At Oakland Coliseum?

Qwest Field, home of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks, recently caught some flack when people pointed out that you could fit an entire large beer into a “small” beer cup. A video shot at the Oakland Athletics’ ballpark is making people wonder how widespread this issue is.

The video below, which shows a stadium-goer passing what appears to be the same amount of liquid back and forth between a large and small cup, was shot last spring but is only now getting some attention.

In the Qwest Field mini-scandal, the stadium’s food-service provider ultimately realized that the “small” cups were actually 20 oz., the same size as the large, just a different shape. So, rather than customers getting ripped off, those fans who had purchased a small beer were actually getting $1.25 off a large.

So were A’s fans, who paid $5 for small beers and $8 for large brews, getting screwed or getting a deal?

Consumerist reached out to ARAMARK, the company responsible for food service at the Oakland Coliseum, and received the following response:

For a short time early last baseball season, we used an incorrect cup size for the $4.99 beer. The cup was larger than it should have been. When we discovered this, we began using the correct cup size.

With the baseball season about to kick off in six weeks, we have a feeling that more people are going to be checking out the comparable volumes of their small and large beers.

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