Clean That Drain Before It Cleans You Out

A clogged drain can rob you in a number of ways, either by forcing an expensive plumber’s visit or causing a flood. Taking some time to learn a few pointers on how to find your way around your plumbing can pay off well.

This Old House offers an extensive how-to guide, vowing it can teach you to clear any clogged drain.

The story advises investing in a few supplies, including a plunger, a flexible steel cable called a plumber’s snake and a cable auger, which is geared to fit through toilet pipes. You should be able to find each for $15 or less.

Knowing how to use the tools is another matter entirely. The good news is you can attack most clogs with a plunger.

According to This Old House:

Partially fill the sink with water, then start plunging. Vigorously work the plunger up and down several times before quickly pulling it off the drain opening. If it’s a double-bowl kitchen sink, stuff a wet rag into one drain opening while you plunge the other one. If it’s a bath sink, stuff the rag into the overflow hole. In both cases, the rag helps deliver the pressure directly to the clog.

If the plunger fails, you’ll need to bust out the auger. Good luck with that, and check the source link for instruction on how to use it.

Clear Any Clogged Drain [This Old House]

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