8 Gadgets Devoted Solely To Spreading Butter On Stuff

Image courtesy of EasiSpread

You know what would make that bread better, that corn on the cob more delectable, that muffing more muffin-y? Butter. Yet apparently so many people have difficulty spreading butter evenly that multiple companies have come up with supposed solutions to this age-old problem.

Are these gadgets any better than heating a traditional knife under hot water and going at it? Is spreading butter so difficult that the average consumer must arm themselves with a drawer full of dedicated devices? We don’t know — all we know is that they exist — and here are a bunch of them.

1. EasiSpread

EasiChef, the company behind the EasiSpread, calls the soon-to-be-on-Kickstarter tool “the world’s first instant heated butter knife,” adding that it’s different from heated knives because of its detachable handle (that way you can attach another product in the works, a heated ice cream scoop). The company also claims that it heats it up to 95 degrees F (35 degrees C) within five seconds (around the same temperature as running hot water from the sink). It’s also rechargeable, dishwasher safe, and a complete and utter delight to handle, if the below ad is to be believed. Price: TBD

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2. SpreadThat!

Speaking of other heated knives, have you met SpreadThat? It’s a “serrated warming butter knife” that uses the wielder’s body heat (not just by sticking in your armpit for a minute or two) to “carve and spread cold butter.” The company claims that SpreadThat! is “easy on the wrist,” lest ye be spreading large amounts of butter, and is designed for left- and right-hand users alike. Price: $19.95

If you’re of a certain age, you probably can’t hear the SpreadThat! name without instantly thinking of this hip-hop classic from 1989:

3. ButterUp

With the ButterUp, we venture into the crowded field of knives that claim to scrape or spread butter in multiple ways, regardless of the temperature. This one has both a serrated edge and another set of holes that allegedly “turns cold, hard butter into sumptuous easy to spread ribbons of dairy goodness.” Price: $12

4. Butter Knife Magic

Not to be confused with Blood Sugar Sex Magik, which is not a kitchen tool, this product claims to be a lot more than just a butter knife, adding in the functions of “grater, slicer and curler” while battling cold butter for both righties and lefties. At this price, it should also carry your groceries for you. Price: $21.97

5. EasyKnife Butter Knife

“One-Piece Ergonomic design with 3 functions, grater, slicer, and curler” — wait, where have we read that before, word for word? Ah yes, Butter Knife Magic, just a moment ago. But EasyKnife is $4 less and besides, the company selling it says it’s a totally different thing. “These are two very different products, from the material, to its shape and size and especially the Handle Design,” seller B A Y writes on Amazon. Price: $17.95

6. Cooks Innovations Butter Mill

The idea with the butter mill is to stick cold butter inside and “with a few simple twists, cold butter is grated into soft butter,” Cooks Innovations says. You can scrape off what you need with a knife, and leave the rest inside for the next time. Price: $19.99 (or $29.95 for the stainless steel version).

7. Butter Dispenser

Do you need a 10-foot ribbon of butter? The makers of this butter dispenser claim you can get one by inserting a stick of cold butter into a rectangular box and twisting a crank that shoves it through some holes. Price: $14.99, or $99.99 for the stainless steel version from the same company. What makes that one so pricey? We imagine it must be because it’s a “Beautiful, Handcrafted, Machined, and Engineered Work of Art,” as the product decsription reads.

8. Fox Run Butter Spreader Stick

There’s no twisting or cranking involved with the Fox Run butter spreader, “just fill with butter, press on plunger and rub over fresh, cooked corn cob.” This model also offers the convenience of doubling as a butter storage container with a built-in cover. Price: $6.04

This all makes us wonder — is any of this really necessary? Vote in our poll below:

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