Heroic FedEx Guy Brings Own Truck For Snowy Delivery

It’s not just pizza delivery guys who can be heroic. Ken lives on a rarely plowed dirt road, and a snowstorm made his house unreachable for most vehicles. That included the FedEx truck with a package meant for him on it. He planned to meet up with a driver elsewhere or pick up the package, but instead the driver employed his personal vehicle to forge through the snow and bring Ken his new monitor.

I live in MO down a dirt road, up and down two long steep hills, two miles from a paved highway. I ordered a new monitor to go with a new computer that I had purchased about three weeks ago. Now my road doesn’t get plowed except for maybe once a year (today, Tuesday, they are going to plow it) so we have a 4 WD truck to get to the store, etc.

To make a long story short, FedEx was to bring the monitor last Wednesday but due to the road not being plowed, could not make it. Nor could they make it on Thursday or Friday. I tried to contact them on Saturday, hoping to meet their driver somewhere off a plowed road, giving me a chance to hook up the monitor during the weekend. But as I was just about to call them, a 4 WD truck came up the drive. It was unmarked and when I went outside to see who was here, I was shocked to find it was the FedEx driver. In his own truck!

This is an example of people “thinking outside the box” (if you will excuse the expression as it is used way too much!) and going beyond what is normal.

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