Woman Files McLawsuit Over Glass In Her McChicken

An Illinois woman has been the latest to file a lawsuit against fast food giant McDonald’s after she claims to have injured herself biting into a “large shard of glass” in her McChicken sandwich.

From ChicagoBreakingNews.com:

The complaint filed in Cook County Circuit Court said Lecaj’s sandwich may have been contaminated after an overheated glass coffee pot exploded, causing glass shards to scatter.

[The plaintiff] accused the world’s largest fast-food chain of failing to properly inspect its cooking equipment and ensure that her sandwich could be eaten safely.

The woman claims to have suffered severe and permanent oral injuries, as well as “great pain and anguish,” following the Aug. 5 incident. She is seeking more than $50,000 in damages.

This is the part where you tell us your hunch as to the veracity of the plaintiff’s claims.

Woman sues McDonald’s over glass in sandwich [Chicago Breaking News]

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