Indulge Your Artistic Passions While Keeping The Bills Paid

Inspired by a Francis Ford Coppola) interview, Trent at The Simple Dollar started thinking about what it takes to live as an artist today. Unless you’re blessed enough to be able to indulge your passion on a national stage and pay your bills, you probably have to work a day job in order to make ends meet.

Trent offers some suggestions on how to keep your artist’s heart alive while not risking falling behind on finances.

Among his tips:

Live frugally. Cut down on superfluous expenses in order to save as much time and money as possible to indulge your art.

Look for jobs conducive to your passion. You may not be able to pay the rent by selling paintings, but day jobs with bosses understanding of your outside commitments can go a long way toward success. Also, it helps to look for careers that let you utilize your artistic skill to succeed. For instance, a sketch artist can find work as a graphic designer.
Make as many connections as possible. You never know when you’ll need somebody to open a door for you. When you meet people who have earned renown, treat them as equals rather than superiors to earn their respect.

What’s your artistic passion, and how do you juggle your creative side projects with the restrictions in your life?

An Artist on the Side: Coppola on the Future of Artists and Artisans [The Simple Dollar]

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