How To Deal With More Job Responsibilities, Less Pay

When you survive a round of layoffs, your reward is often a pay freeze and half the workload of one of your former coworkers. Calling this phenomenon an “invisible promotion,” Fortune offers ways to cope with the frustration of doing more for less.

Here are some of the tips:

Set priorities. Talk things through with your old boss to establish your most important job elements, looking for ways to eliminate unnecessary tasks.

Ask for mentorship. You’ll need guidance to navigate your brave new world, so ask for tips on how to handle your new responsibilities, including formal training. Ideally, your supervisor will see it as a worthy investment.

Fill out your skill set. Now is the time to seek expertise and experience that will translate into resume bullet points that help you land a better-paying job that’s more realistic about what you can accomplish in a day.

If you’ve stuck around a company after massive downsizing, how did your job change and how did you adapt?

How to deal with an invisible promotion [Fortune]

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