Drugstores Cross-Promoting Chocolate And Condoms For Valentine's

Drugstores are making it easier for you to get your Valentine’s Day shopping in by putting endcaps of condoms and lubrication on their their chocolate and candy displays. Now you only have to visit one aisle!

Reader Graham sent in this cellphone picture of the cross-promotional activity from a Walgreens in Newark, NJ.

Meanwhile, @enosone tweets that Duane Reade sent out an email that said “Today is Valentine’s Day,” and showed a bunch of different kinds of chocolate and their prices. Below that is said, “Make it a memorable night” and showed a variety of intercourse products and their prices.

tonighttoday.jpgAnd 99only, a chain of 99cent stores in CA, NV and TX, came up with an amusing Valentine’s Day flyer advertising “Good Choice” and “Bad Choice…but still a great deal!” items. Pro tip: DO buy your beloved a box of Jordache fragrances, DON’t buy them a box of adult underpads. Also note that condoms are both a “Good” and a “Bad” Choice.

It’s all about the upsell, baby. Man comes into the store to buy a fishing hook, make sure he walks out with a boat.


(Thanks to GitEmSteveDave!)

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