Newegg Knows What Women Really Want This Valentine's Day: Sexism

This Valentine’s Day gift suggestion list from Newegg has a “Cutie and the Geek” theme, featuring gifts ostensibly for a Newegg shopper, his wife or girlfriend, and gifts that the entire couple can use. Sample items from the “cutie” section: red freshwater pearls, Ralph Lauren sunglasses, and a pink netbook. Sample items from the “geek” section: an electric razor, a 120 GB solid state drive, and a home server. Cary finds the selection a bit sexist, writing: “Great piece of marketing work. I guess women aren’t allowed to enjoy geeky toys and instead need ‘pink netbooks’ or jewelery as gifts.”

Some women like jewelry, some like electronics, some like both, and still others don’t like Valentine’s Day at all. Guess you’ll have to try paying attention.

Cutie and the Geek [Newegg]

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