Weather Beleagured Airports Give Priority To Fans Traveling To The Super Bowl

If you’ve paid out a few grand in Super Bowl XLV tickets, airfare and hotel accommodations, you’re probably going to be a bit grumpy if pesky weather conditions get in your way. In the face of snowy, icy conditions in the Dallas area Friday and this weekend, some airlines and airports are giving precedence to Packers and Steelers fans bound for the big game.

Snow canceled about 300 inbound flights at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport on Friday morning, as well as commercial flights at Dallas Love Field.

Time reports that American Airlines had expected Friday to be the busiest day for travelers to the Super Bowl, and had to cancel about half their DFW flights. But they tried their darndest to get fans in for the game!

“We are putting extra effort to operate our flights in from Chicago today to keep the Super Bowl-oriented traffic moving,” said Tim Smith, an American Airlines spokesman.

He added that they’d given more attention to 12 additional flights from Pittsburgh and Green Bay area airports.

American Airlines had its spokespeople out in force, with another company rep telling Dallas News that it was prioritizing flights from the area where Packers and Steelers fans are coming from.

For the unlucky fans who had flights canceled on Friday, some will be able to get in on Sunday morning when conditions improve, but others might be force to find other means, as flights are already virtually full for that day.

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