Vermont Has Problem With Lack Of Maple In McDonald's Maple Oatmeal

Many of us are fully aware that a lot of food products that say “maple” rarely contain even a drop of real maple syrup. Such is the case with McDonald’s new Fruit & Maple Oatmeal. But the people of Vermont take their maple seriously and they’re demanding that McDonald’s make changes to the product or its labeling.

Former Vermont Agriculture Secretary Roger Allbee tells

Our maple laws say if it’s a natural maple product it has to have maple syrup. And it has to show that it has maple syrup and they haven’t done that yet…

We have communicated to McDonald’s that in order for them to be in compliance with the product, because we want them to do the right thing, they have to change the ingredients and labeling and we hope they do that.

State officials say that ideally McDonald’s would just add real maple syrup to the oatmeal but they’ll be satisfied, at least legally, if the fast food giant doesn’t use the word “maple” on the product or its accompanying ad materials.

For its part, the Golden Arches tells WCAX, “McDonald’s is currently in discussions with the State of Vermont to ensure that we meet any applicable state standards.”

Albee says the fast food chain has “60 to 90 days” to comply, adding “We really do think they’ll do the right thing.”

Vt. takes on McDonald’s over maple []

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