Are You Prepared For McOatmeal?

An anonymous tipster whom we’ll call Deep Oat forwarded us a shot of this memo, which reveals that McDonald’s — at least in Indiana — is readying oatmeal servings at $2 a pop.

From Deep Oat:

Here is a photo I grabbed while upgrading a McDonalds WiFi out here in northern Indiana. Looks like oatmeal is coming! And at .22 cents per serving cost (not including labor and overhead).

The memo said an oatmeal-promoting ad campaign is set to launch Jan. 3. In the main version of the dish, the maple brown sugar oatmeal will be mixed with cream, diced apples, cranberries and raisins. Most of those things seem far too healthy to be fast food ingredients.

Would the prospect of McDonald’s oatmeal tempt you away from sausage biscuits and hash browns?

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