Virgin Killing Off Unlimited Mobile Broadband Plan

Say “sayonara” to another unlimited mobile plan, Virgin is adding a 5GB cap and throttle to its $40 “Unlimited Broadband2Go” MiFi plan. After you surpass the threshold in a month, your transfer speeds will get reduced to 256 kbps or lower for the rest of the month. The changes go into effect Feb 15. Happy Valentines Day.

They are also making it so that if you switch to one of the lower and cheaper broadband plans, you will not be able to switch back to the $40 plan.

If you were thinking about getting one of these devices because of the unlimited plan, you should be aware of the changes in store.

At least the plan is contract-free, so if you’re pissed off and/or the deal no longer works for your needs, you can just walk away.

Terms of Service – Virgin Mobile Service Plans [Virgin Mobile] (Thanks to J!)

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