Cut Down On Water Use With These Tricks

Modern society has created the illusion that water is infinite and free, but the environmentally and financially conscious know that’s far from the truth.

DealNews provides a list of easy life adjustments you can make to cut down on water usage and possibly douse your water bill.

Suggestions from the post include:

*Get a water-saving toilet. Some toilets on the market use less than a gallon per flush. Install one of these babies and it could save you more than 20,000 gallons of water per year.

*Use a dishwasher rather than hand-wash. Most modern dishwashers are far more efficient than the old-timey sink-and-dish towel method, potentially using 37 percent less water. Just make sure those loads are full.

*Avoid bottled water. The post cites the Pacific Institute, which says it takes three gallons of water to produce a gallon of bottled water.

If you make it a point to restrict your water use, how do you operate?

8 easy ways to save 50,000 gallons of water [DealNews]

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