Waiter Thwarts Dine And Dashers By Leaping Onto Their Speeding Car

A brave waiter threw himself onto a customer’s SUV as it sped away from the restaurant. They had tried to run out without paying their $51 bill. The 24-year old jumped on as the car pulled out of the parking lot, grabbing onto the roofrack and planting his feet on the running board. Listen, you just don’t mess with a waiter’s tips.

With the recession, dine and dashing is on the rise, as people are hungry and want to have a nice meal but don’t feel like paying for it. Which is basically what the big banks did, leaving taxpayers to pick up their restaurant bill. But I digress.

The car raced through a red light and the passengers inside tried to punch Peter, the waiter, but then the driver pulled off the street. Peter jumped off as the passengers started to get out, but then they got back in and drove away. He called 911 and the SUV was pulled over by cops not long later. They charged the 18-year old driver with battery, theft, and reckless driving. The other passengers, also in their late teens, were charged with battery and theft.

“I just think if you see something wrong you should step in,” Peter told the Chicago Tribune. “Nowadays no one wants to step in.”

A better idea, however, would be to write down the car’s license plate and call 911.

Buffalo Wild Wings waiter thwarts dine and dash [Chicago Tribune]

Dine And Dashers On The Rise, Wearing Ties

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