Buy And Sell Unused Groupons (And Other Daily Deals) On Lifesta

So your BFF work friend cc’d you on that super cool Groupon and you bought in with everyone else and then a little bit down the road, regret sits in. Maybe you remembered you hate fondue. Maybe the restaurant was closed for rats when you got there. Maybe you realized you would much rather have the money for your upcoming cross-country skeeball championship. Well, you’re stuck, right? Not so. Enter Lifesta, a clearinghouse site where you can buy and sell unused Groupons, coupons, discount packages, or vouchers.

To sell, you just set the price and Lifesta levies a $.99 fee plus 8% of the total. The site vets each transfer to make sure it’s for real and gives you money back within 60 days on any coupon that is fake or has already been used.

For sellers, it’s a way to offload coupons that they don’t want any more. For buyers, it’s a way to get an even better bargain off the daily deal and get in on deals that might have sold out before they got to them.

Lifesta [Official Site]

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