AT&T To Change Text Message Packages And Chuck Some Upgrade Discounts

Is it cellphone plan adverse tweak season? Now AT&T is changing up its text message plans and doubling the per message rate for going over them, and getting rid of some upgrade discounts, reports Engadget, going off a leaked internal document.

  • Text package will be 1,000 messages for $10, and 10 cents a message for going over. That’s vs. the current package of $15 for 1,500 with a 5 cent overage rate. You’re still paying $.01 per message, but they’ve doubled the rate for running over your package.
  • 200 and 1,500 text plans are out for new contracts. (This doesn’t affect current contracts).
  • You have to wait 6 months on an iPhone activation to be eligible for early upgrade pricing on a new iPhone.
  • The $50 and $100 extra discounts for customers who are upgrading are getting peaced out.

There’s a few more changes too. Check the Engadget post for the full run-down.

The move comes closely behind Verizon getting rid of the “New Every Two” program and Sprint raising data rates.

AT&T tweaking messaging plans, killing some upgrade discounts, raising fees and MicroCell pricing [Engadget]

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