Zappos CSR's Kindness Warms Our Cold Hearts

For every frustrating, demoralizing, infuriating customer service phone call we’ve ever had to suffer through, it’s nice to be reminded that there are individuals out there actually trying to be of service to customers — and beyond. A reader alerted us to just such a tale about a Zappos rep going that extra bit to help.

In a post on DivineCaroline, a reader writes about their mother’s struggle to find shoes comfortable enough for her feet, sensitive and damaged after “harsh medical treatments.” After becoming nearly housebound, her daughter ordered her family ordered six pairs of shoes from Zappos in the hopes that a few would fit the bill.

When two pairs worked out, the woman called Zappos for instructions on how to return the others. She then engaged in a friendly conversation with the Zappos employee on the other end, sharing stories of family members’ medical struggles.

After the exchange, the woman was just happy to have had a great talk with a company employee. But the Zappos rep did even more — sending her “an enormous bouquet of lilies and roses, to let her know she was thinking of her.”

A sister emailed Zappos to thank them for taking good care of their mother, and were then informed two days later they were “Zappos VIP members,” entitled to free expedited shipping on all orders.

Thanks to reader Robert A. for spreading the heart-warming word.

How Zappos Knocked My Socks Off [Divine Caroline]

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