Airline Attendants Share How To Fight The Funk On Long-Haul Flights

It’s easy to feel a bit funky after a long flight. All that recycled air, lack of legroom and those six glasses of wine you downed to fight fear of flying can really take its toll. So who better to hand out tips on staying fresh on a long-haul flight than Air New Zealand flight attendants?

New Zealand is pretty far from anywhere, except maybe Australia, so asked a few attendants who regularly fly the 13 hours between the land where Hobbits roam (in film, natch) and L.A. to share fresh-flying secrets gleaned from hours aboard aircrafts.

1-3: Hydration is so important it gets the first three slots on the list. Guzzling water is good but this also means laying off the booze.

4: Backing off the bread
is a must. Just say no to that second tempting carb loaded roll.

5: Walk it off.
Getting your circulation going by taking a stroll every now and then will go a long way.

6: Watch your breath
, garlic mouth. Toothbrush and mouthwash will make your neighbors happy and help you feel less grody in general.

7: Moisturizing isn’t just for ladies. The air on flights is so dry, you don’t want to exacerbate it by depriving your skin of moisture. Pack some eye cream or pony up for business class and get some in your goody bag.

8: Beauty rest! Do you really need to watch the in-flight movie? Okay, maybe one of them. But getting some shut eye is going to make you look prettier when you land. Just sayin’.

How to Look Good After a Long-Haul Flight [Jaunted]