Arianna Huffington Escorted Off Plane For Crackberry Abuse

Arianna Huffington, who runs the news aggregation site bearing her last name, was hustled off a plane over the weekend after she continued to tap at her Blackberry after the flight was airborne. The New York Post, following up on a Valleywag story, reports that a guy from Long Island a few rows behind her got really huffy and started yelling at her and the flight attendants.

The man reportedly shouted out, “Hey lady! Don’t you speak English?” and “How come she gets to use her electronic devices but nobody else does?” Both he and the newsmonger were escorted off the plane after it landed for questioning, but were released without charge.

Huffington’s PR rep told the Post, “There was a passenger who seemed upset. Arianna thought he didn’t like the snacks. Guess not. Maybe he was an iPhone fan. As you know, the battle between iPhone lovers and BlackBerry users can get pretty heated.”

No matter your station in life, no one is allowed to use their Crackberries on the airplane after the cabin door is closed until the captain says it’s okay.

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