Verizon iPhone Rumor Roundup

Signs point to Verizon announcing tomorrow that it’s getting the iPhone. But that’s not all that’s in store. Here’s a quickie roundup of the latest Verizon iPhone rumors to get you up-to-date:

Rumor: Verizon’s iPhone will go on sale Feb 3.
Why: Verizon has blacked out employee vacation requests for Feb 3-6.

Rumor: Apple will drop its 10% restock fee tomorrow, coinciding with Verizon’s expected official announcement that they’re getting the iPhone.
Why: 9to5mac said so.

(Not much of a) Rumor: Tomorrow, Verizon will announce it’s getting the iPhone.
Why: Sources told WSJ and Reuters.

Rumor: The Verizon iPhone will have an actually unlimited plan.
Why: Sources told WSJ as such.

Rumor: In order to ease the transition for AT&T customers jumping ship, standard on all Verizon iPhones is a “Can You Hear Me Now?” app that, when activated, drops and garbles your calls and won’t let text messages go through, just like as if you were on AT&T’s 3G network.
Why: Just kidding, just kidding, just kidding.


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  1. sonneillon says:

    Well. Android has a larger market share than iPhone so it makes sense.

    • Scurvythepirate says:

      Android is an operating system, not a phone. That chart is not very accurate representation.

      • LINIStittles says:

        The results are still accurate – Android has a larger market share than iOs.

        • Scurvythepirate says:

          If you want to compare operating systems, then yes.

          But to say the iPhone is less popular than Android phones, is a skewed comparison.

          It’s comparing one phone verse multiple phones. That’s not a fair comparison.

          • teke367 says:

            Its plenty fair, Android is on more cell phones than iOS. (Granted, the website used “iPhone” in the headline, but correctly uses iOS in the article.)

            But that’s what Apple does, sacrifice market share for more control over their platform. Sure, iOS would be bigger if Apple allowed it on more than one device (up until now), but that’s their choice.

          • jvanbrecht says:

            Sure its a fair comparison, at one point Apple was touting more iphones sold then the total of winmo phones sold in the same time frame.. That kind of comparison works in both directions.. Even if it is a crappy comparison.

          • Firevine says:

            It’s plenty fair. That’s the way its been tabulated for however long now. Blackberry and Palm OS’es were run on multiple devices too, and all those devices were counted towards market share. Then iPhone came and rained on their parade. Now Android is raining on everyone’s parade. Just because iPhone is the odd man out, doesn’t mean it gets special consideration in market share analysis. It didn’t when it took market share from Blackberry and Palm, so why should it now?

            Also, options are good.

        • user765 says:

          But now you aren’t factoring in iPad and iPod touch into iOS market share.

      • user765 says:

        when you factor in all iOS devices vs all Android devices, iOS has a bigger market share as per this article

        • Scurvythepirate says:

          As I stated before:

          It’s comparing one phone verse multiple phones. That’s not a fair comparison.

  2. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    I’d like the iPhone 4 for AT&T to be discounted because I want to upgrade.

  3. cynical_reincarnation says:

    I am about to join the smartphone revolution, but Im so torn on which one to get.

    iphones are neat and proven, androids are powerful, but seem fragmented.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      Personally, I’ve never tried an Android phone so I can’t speak to its performance, but I love my iPhone. I can attest that at least for the iPhone, it won’t be obsolete in a year. I’ve had my 3G for two years now (I bought it when the 3Gs came out, so I was already behind) and I haven’t found the experience lacking despite running an older OS. All of the apps I want are still completely available to me, and I’m still finding new ones that work with my OS version as well as 4.0. I want to upgrade soon, but I like that I don’t have to.

      This may be the case with Android devices as well, but I can only speak to my own experience.

      • Rachacha says:

        I am in the same boat as Pecan. Been a very happy 3G customer since it came out. I will probably upgrade soon, but I am trying to stretch it out until this summer so I can get the next version of the iPhone on ATT.

        My wife recently took over managing IT for her employer and they first thing she did was recommend some phone upgrades. They were previously a BlackBerry house and everyone hated them. She proposed foing to iPhone and everyone has been extremely happy with them because they work so well with their internal systems.

        iPhone becomes a very simple choice because the only decisions you need to make are do I wan’t this years model or last years model, and how much storage do I want. With Android, there are so many choices and so many new phones coming out it is hard to keep track of and determine what is the current “best” phone, and what version of the OS does it run and will it be upgradable to the next OS.

        • TaraMisu says:

          Also very happy with my iPhone, I have the 3Gs too…. I’d keep it forever if I could. I would however kick AT&T over a cliff in a heartbeat. They suck.

      • deathbecomesme says:

        “I can attest that at least for the iPhone, it won’t be obsolete in a year.”

        Im not a fandroid or bashing the iPhone but if they come out with a 3g iPhone for Verizon who is already launching their 4g network then it kinda is obsolete. The iphone on Verizon would have sounded awesome last January. Ive been up for free upgrade since Aug and held out for the 4g phones. I will wait till tomorrow to make my choice but I think Im going with that new dual core Android (evo clone). Think its called the Thunderstorm or something,

        • pecan 3.14159265 says:

          It isn’t obsolete at all. Obsolete implies you’ll lose all functionality or that the basic functions of the phone will be wiped out, which is definitely not the case. I have friends who were still using the first gen iPhone and it wasn’t until the iPhone 3Gs that they felt they needed to upgrade. Still, it wasn’t as if the phone was obsolete – they could still use the internet, make phone calls, and text. It was that the experience was not quite what they desired anymore.

          Verizon’s 4G network will be faster than 3G, obviously, but it doesn’t mean that a) your 3G phone will be obsolete and b) that you’ll even use 4G. My in-laws barely get 3G coverage, and most certainly will not be getting 4G coverage anytime soon.

          • rambo76098 says:

            Android phones aren’t going obsolete in a year either, in fact the original Motorola Droid is usually the second to get updates, right after the Nexus One.

            • deathbecomesme says:

              Well it would take a hardware update not a software update to go from 3g to 4g which you cant do. Im sure Verizon wants you to buy all new equipment not just upgrade yours. They’re in the business of making money.

            • Awesome McAwesomeness says:

              The T-Mobile G1 was the first Android headset. I have one and love it. It does everything I need it to and more. I am a heavy user, especially e-mail and web browsing.

          • deathbecomesme says:

            When I said obsolete I meant as in something newer/better already out or coming out soon. I understand a 3g iPhone on Verizon will work perfectly fine for most people but if I my last(Verizon is no longer doing New Every 2 anymore) upgrade why would I want to use it to get a 3 iPhone rather than a 4g phone? It would be the smart thing to do to pick the “future proof” phone.

    • Moosehawk says:

      Fragmented it is not. Being available on different phones, tablets, and other devices such as TVs is a testament to how open-source it is. Android was designed to be dropped on a device and just work.

      iOS definitely won’t be gone any time soon, but I’ll bet you Android will be only getting stronger within the next few years.

      • Rachacha says:

        I think the concern/confusion is that the phone OS on current phones being sold today spans several different revisions, each with different capabilities, and the phone manufacturers & carriers can customize the OS to add or remove certain features so to the non technical person (aka average joe) who has seen an android phone and wants to purchase one, they thing that they all do the same thing and act the same way, when infact there may be subtle differences. You end up with dozens of possible configurations, some of which will run certain applications, others of which will not.

        I have heard many people complain that the carrier has pushed an update that makes certain applications run in the background that can not be killed. These unwanted applications use processing power and may impact battery life and in the eyes of the user who does not want the apps, it can be annoying.

        When you compare that with the iPhone (Android’s closest competitor), users are presented with very limited options, which to many is preferred.

        The choice is personal. I personally chose an iPhone because I wanted a powerful phone that was extremely simple to use and limited complexity because I just wanted it to work Contrast that with my chice in computers where I prefer Windows machines because I want to have the option to upgrade and pick and choose my components, and where I am not a fan of Apple’s controlling nature.

    • DorsalRootGanglion says:

      I find the Android interface to be just a bit less friendly than the iPhone interface. There’s a certain seemlessness in the iPhone, the way that you can easily minimize/maximize, go from item to item, etc. that I didn’t find came as naturally with the Android.

  4. Nick says:

    I will buy an iphone when they are sold in a blister pack in the prepaid section at Walmart.

    • Rachacha says:

      I think we are getting close to that as ATT was selling the 3GS for under $50, so I would expect that the iPhone on TracPhone can’t be far behind.

  5. SanDiegoDude says:

    I’m looking forward to swapping out my Droid for an iPhone if (when) this occurs. While I’ve loved my Droid over the past year and a half, the niggling usability issues (GPS suddenly failing and requiring a restart, load screen going blank after exiting an app, wonky text messaging issues, mic jack problems and wifi that has never worked quite right, even through 2 OS revisions) that has made me finally decide it’s time to swap up.

    … of course, the very first thing I’ll be doing with that shiny new iPhone is jailbreaking it.

    • Shadowfire says:

      I’ve had none of these problems with my Incredible, but my wife’s had issues.

      I’ll be looking forward to switching back to iPhone later this year when it’s time for an upgrade. Much to my wife’s chagrin. ;-)

      • SanDiegoDude says:

        Yep, my better half has had zero issues with her Droid and she absolutely loves it, not even the (very well known and documented) wifi issues. Of course, she doesn’t understand why I want to switch… Well, my phone left me stranded on Friday going to a friends commissioning ceremony when the GPS decided to die (even after reboot). Right then and there I decided I’d had enough with my Droid.

        • Mark S says:

          I was sitting in my office showing my co-workers my shiny new Droid phone. I opened Google Maps and showed them how it was able to easily it was able to find me. Only it found me in Amsterdam. The next day I was found in NYC. The following day I was somewhere in China.

          I no longer count on my Droid GPS.

          • deathbecomesme says:

            Might be because your inside a building. My old Samsung Omnia shows me in Africa until it actually gets ahold of 4 gps satellites or more.

  6. StevePierce says:

    Verizon will screw up something on teh phone to do it the Verizon way that will make it a mess. On the Palm Pre Verizon so screwed up the GPS that it doesn’t even work with Verizon’s own Nav app.

    On Sprint, Palm Pre, Nav and GPS works great.

    • B1gJ4k3 says:

      Agreed. So many of the Verizon Android phones have been absolutely crippled because of the bloatware that Verizon forces onto them (VZ Navigator on my Incredible that already has Google Maps and GPS? Please…).

      In theory, the iPhone on Verizon is huge, but in practice, it’s going to be an absolute mess.

      • adamstew says:

        I’m pretty sure that Apple would not let Verizon have any say over the phone itself or the operating system. Apple has not compromised to AT&T in the almost 4 years they’ve had the iPhone, or to any other carrier globally. Apple will simply NOT compromise on the user experience.

        Verizon can get away with that on Android because google doesn’t have any control over what the carriers do with the OS.

        • Burzmali says:

          Agreed. Apple, Steve Jobs in particular, hasn’t compromised with anyone regarding the way their hardware and software works. I can’t imagine that would suddenly happen with Verizon. Apple is company with greater power in this situation, so Verizon doesn’t really have any bargaining chips to use to cripple or add bloatware to the iPhone.

        • blissfool says:

          Yes. From what I understand this is one of the main factors Apple dropped going with Verizon. I don’t see any reason why they would bend over now.

      • Silverhawk says:

        How in the world does simply having an app on the phone that no one wants make it somehow crippled? Sheesh. The GPS works fine, Google Maps/Nav work just fine. The first thing I did with my Droid 2 was install LauncherPro and hide the stock apps I didn’t want. I don’t even SEE VZW Navigator anymore.

  7. ihollywould says:

    I’m wondering if there are any pricing rumors as far as the phones themselves and the plans are concerned. My brother told me a rumor that the lowest end iPhone will be sold for close to $50 with a 2-year contract, but I don’t know if this is Verizon-specific. Currently at Target, the lowest end iPhone is sold for $99 with a 2-year contract with AT&T.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      Certainly sounds feasible. Whenever there’s been an update of the iPhone, Apple has reduced the price of the previous version. I don’t know how that will apply here, but I am hoping AT&T will reduce the price of the iPhone 4 if it thinks it will help retain customers.

      • ihollywould says:

        I’ve just check AT&T’s prices on the iPhone 4 and it turns out the lower-end (16Gb) versions can be as low as $79.99, but these are the refurbished ones with cosmetic flaws. iPhone 3Gs is indeed $49.99, so I expect, as you said, such prices will drop even lower once Verizon officially announces they’ll be selling the iPhone.

        To be honest, I’m very seriously considering getting the iPhone now that Verizon is selling it. I had Verizon a few years ago and they really are the best network around. I have Sprint right now and can’t even make a phone call in my own bedroom because it’s slightly underground. When I signed on with Verizon, it was the only network that functioned in the town I lived in because it was in a valley surrounded by bluffs. I only switched to Sprint because Verizon’s (at the time, Alltel) phone selection really sucked, and think with the iPhone, they warrant my return.

        • pecan 3.14159265 says:

          For me, it was Verizon’s own doing. Terrible customer service and numerous billing errors eventually drove me to leave. I already wanted an iPhone, but Verizon’s own ineptitude was enough to seal the deal. I don’t think I would switch back to Verizon, even though it does have a better network. I’ve had much, much better customer service experience with AT&T.

    • Burzmali says:

      I’d be very surprised if Verizon got anything other than the iPhone 4. They’d have to make CDMA versions of any older phones, which doesn’t seem like it would be worth it as people clamber for the latest hardware.

  8. dolemite says:

    Meh, couldn’t care less. I’m waiting on the Playstation phone. Couldn’t care less about social networking, fart apps, video chat, texting blah blah. My phone needs to make phone calls and game.

    • ihollywould says:

      I agree to a certain extent. My current phone is absolutely frill-free. I hardly even have a texting plan and certainly use the phone for nothing other than phone calls (no gaming, social networking, etc.). But I also have a fairly old iPod Touch, which I use very regularly. If I can combine these two devices, I think it’s an excellent plan, especially on the Verizon network, which has been good to me in the past.

  9. daemonaquila says:

    I’ll cop – I’ll be there at the head of the line with the Verizon early adopters. I loathe AT&T and can’t get rid of them fast enough. Lots of people hate Verizon, but I’ve had a broadband and an office cel phone account with them for years and years, and they can do (almost) no wrong with me at this point.

  10. rpm773 says:

    Can I get one without having to buy a data plan?

    If not, I’m not interested

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      Why would you want a smartphone without a data plan? I’m being serious. I really want to know.

      • Scurvythepirate says:

        At that point, you might as well buy an ipod touch.

        • Chuchundra says:

          Well yes, that’s what I do. But the Touch has no camera, no GPS and it requires that I carry both phone and Touch instead of just one device.

          One of the reasons I haven’t gotten a real smart phone yet is that I have WiFi just about everywhere I go; at work, at home, Optimum WiFi most places I shop locally. It seems silly to pay all that money for a data plan that I’ll rarely use.

          • ihollywould says:

            The newest iPod Touches do have cameras. But he GPS feature is pretty nice. Right now, I carry around my phone, iPod Touch, a GPS, and sometimes my camera (phone camera sucks). If I could get all in one snazzy device, it would be grand. As such, rooting through my purse is an endless series of “where the eff is my [insert device here]?”

            • rpm773 says:

              This is what it’s all about. Unfortunately, the monthly rate to do that starts at $75 + tax and charges.

      • rpm773 says:

        I don’t know about VZW, but none of the ATT data plans fit my usage patterns

        A few reasons

        1) Most of the time, I’m on a wifi network either at home or at a client. I don’t need 3/4G.

        2) The data plans (at least for ATT) are priced such that if you go over, you’re totally screwed. I’d get the 200meg plan for $15/month and be nervous about going over that I wouldn’t even use it.

        Actually, if one of the carriers had a plan where you pay $10 per 500meg used, regardless of how much you use, but if you use 0 you pay $0, I’d sign on to that.

        I like the device, but right now I have an Ipod Touch that does for free 80% of what the Iphone does. I’d like to consolidate devices, but I don’t want to pay all that money per month just to make an occasional phone call or text.

      • Gramin says:

        I second that question. The huge selling point to smartphones is that they’re computers on the go, allowing 24/7 connectivity with the world. Without a data package, you lose ALL of that. My Droid X has push email for my gmail, keeps me up-to-date on the news and weather, and gets me where I’m going via Google Maps when I’m out of town. Furthermore, my Droid X contacts and calendar sync with my Gmail contacts/calendar and I stream all my music from my computer to my smartphone via Audiogalaxy (thousands of songs at my fingertips without having to upload them to my phone). None of this would be possible without a data plan.

    • ihollywould says:

      Ugh, data plans are like the biggest racket on the market right now. I understand the necessity of having one, especially for a smartphone, but coupled with even the cheapest service plan, monthly charges for use of the iPhone look to run upwards of $75 a month.

    • dolemite says:

      That’s what gets me. I’m with Sprint, and I kind of want a smartphone for apps, but they make you get a data plan for all smartphones. All I’ll need data for is downloading apps (so very rarely), but I’ll have to pay like an additional $30-$40 a month just to do that. And if you get an Evo, they throw in a $10 “4G” charge per month, even if you don’t have 4G in your area.

      • pecan 3.14159265 says:

        Unless all of the apps you want are entirely self-sustaining, any app that depends on real-time updates or to pull from an outside source for data will require internet of some kind. I presmue that you don’t have wi-fi wherever you go, because if you did, you wouldn’t need data to download apps. I have many apps that require the internet. Stuff like Amazon, Yelp, The Weather Channel, and Pandora.

    • jvanbrecht says:

      That is the whole point of a subsidized phone, Verizon will take a loss on the phone, but make the money up during the contract. To do that, they have to sell a contract that has a certain number of options, the data plan is one of them. If you won’t want the data plan, go buy the phone for the full un subsidized price.

      I have VZ, and pretty much every telco with a passion, but they are businesses, and I cannot fault them for trying to make a profit. I can however fault them for price gauging, and charging ridiculous fees.

      • rpm773 says:

        I understand, and have determined that the pricing structure is not for me.

        I’ve looked at buying an unlocked iphone and then dropping in a paygo SIM, thus getting me out of buying a data plan. But an unlocked iphone 4 runs, what, $1000 or so?

        It really comes down to the value I get out of the service, and I just can’t justify paying for the data plan. It would be nice if there was some more flexibility, but it is what it is.

  11. LINIStittles says:

    While I am not at all interested (as I am perfectly happy with Android on Sprint), I cheer the greater choice available to U.S. consumers by offering one of the best phones out there on more than one network.

  12. teke367 says:

    Another rumor, which is probably tangentally related to Verizon getting the iPhone, Verizon might also be shortening the window to return a phone.

  13. damageinc says:

    The rumor about having an unlimited plan isn’t anything special unless the phone is 4G. All smartphones on Verizon already require you to have the unlimited 3G data plan…

    • ophmarketing says:

      It’s special compared to AT&T, which doesn’t have an unlimited plan anymore. If Verizon keeps its unlimited plan in place for the iPhone, it will be another blow to AT&T.

  14. charrr says:

    Watch it be an iPad, just you wait

  15. Shine-runner says:

    Oh wait till you get fantastic Verizon service. You will be talking to someone, and your phone suddenly goes to voicemail. Or your loved one sends you a short text message and you get it not only once but up to 10 times. They have to make sure you get your text messages. Complain, “hahah how funny at least your one of those customers that actually get your text messages” That is what my store manager says. Verizon could give me all Iphones and I swear when my contract is up, I am gone. I have 2 smart phones and 2 regular phones, my contract is up on 3, just waiting for the last one. Then they can take there can you hear me now and stuff it where the sun dont shine.