iRobot's Toilet-Scrubbing Robot Is The #1 Thing I Want To See At CES

Forget 3D TVs, tablets, smartphones, streaming video devices and hoverboards. They might get all the big headlines at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show, but they’ll all also be obsolete by next year’s CES. But a robot that not only mops the floor on its own, but can also scrub around the toilet? Now that’s something I want to see in person.

iRobot, the folks behind the floor-sweeping Roomba and floor-mopping Scooba, are going to be unleashing such a device, the Scooba 230, later this week at the huge expo in Las Vegas.

Only 6.5″ in diameter, the device should be able to sneak around and behind the toilet to scrub those places you never want to scrub (but still need to). It will also get into all other sorts of nooks and crannies around the bathroom and kitchen, but the toilet is the key. And at least one other Consumerist staffer wants to find out if this thing will pick up kitty litter. If so, it might be worth the $299 price tag.

Anyway, this is only one of the many, many things that will be on show at CES. I’ll be filing daily diaries of my discoveries, as well as Twitter updates and photos straight from the convention center floor.

What sorts of products at CES do you want to see more about?

Cleaning around your toilet
just got a lot less scary.

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