No Charges For Woman Who Bumped 100-Year-Old Walmart Greeter

Last week, we told you about the woman in Milwaukee who was arrested after an argument with a 100-year-old Walmart greeter ended with the centenarian being sent to the hospital. Earlier today, the city’s district attorney said it will not be filing charges.

From the AP:

[Milwaukee D.A.] John Chisholm issued a statement today saying his review of the case, which included store surveillance video, shows the customer was reaching for her sales receipt when [the greeter] was knocked to the floor.

On Nov. 28, the customer was exiting the Walmart when she was stopped by the greeter to check her receipt. When the customer grew impatient, the situation reportedly got heated between the two women. The greeter, who was released from the hospital after undergoing a CAT scan, claimed after that she had been pushed.

Regardless of whether the greeter was pushed or fell, the incident still brings us back to the same question: Isn’t receipt-checking something to be handled by loss-prevention staff and not the elderly?

No charges in elderly Wal-Mart greeter case

Thanks to Grant for the tip!

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