Coupon Grandmaster Scores $1658.53 Of Stuff From Walgreens For $19.99, Donates All To Charity

Epic is the only word to describe this coupon genius who bought $1658.53 of stuff from Walgreens for only $19.99. It took 6 hours to check out the over 100 transactions necessary to complete the purchase. Why did the manager gladly let him do this?

Because the guy, who calls himself “The Coupon Prof,” is going to donate all the items to a local charity.

Ok, enough with gooshy, how did he pull it off? The scheme hinges on something called “Register Rewards” which dispense from the Catalina device at the Walgreens register. They give you money off just about anything in the store, except for the item that generated the coupon. Each week there are different items at Walgreens that will give out Register Rewards, you just have to check the local circular.

By combining a manufacturer’s for $1 Crest toothpaste that generated a $10 off Register Rewards that was then used to buy another item that generated Register Rewards, and then that was used to buy another item that gave out Register Rewards, and so on, cycling through 10 different products in a daisy-chain of savings, he was able to rack up the impressive shopping spree for little cost.

(One caveat with Register Rewards is that they only work on one transaction. So if the deal is a box of cereal that’s normally $4 for $1, and you buy 5, only 1 of them will be discounted. So to max your savings, you would need to use five separate coupons in 5 transactions).

Here’s the breakdown:

Transaction A
Crest Toothpaste $2.99
Oral B Toothbrush $2.25
Scunci Hairbands $1.99
Colgate Toothpaste $2.99
Campbells Soup $0.59
Candy Cane Pen $0.20

Total: $11.01
– $1 Crest Coupon
-$10 Register Rewards from Trans. B
= $0.01 out-of-pocket cost

Transaction B
Robitussin to Go $2.49
Old Spice Body Spray $3.99
Secret Body Spray $3.49
Canned Oranges $0.39

Total $10.36
– $10.25 RR (Trans. A)
= $0.11 out-of-pocket cost

And this is his final tally of plunder

55 Old Spice Body Sprays for a total of $3.99. That’s $3.99 for 55.
75 Oral B Toothbrushes ($2.25)
88 Crest Toothpastes ($2.99)
17 Olay Body Washes ($3.49)
24 Degree Deodorant ($0.99)
51 Colgate Toothpastes ($2.99)
55 Secret Body Sprays ($3.49)
22 Nivea Shaving Creams ($2.99)
87 Campbells Soups ($0.59)
41 Scotch Bubble Mailers ($0.39)
4 ThermaCare Heat Wraps ($2.49)
15 Advil ($0.99)
24 Canned Oranges ($0.39)
53 Hair Bands ($1.99)
76 Robitussin ($2.49)
46 Candy Cane Pens ($0.20)

“Best day so far in the life of the Coupon Ninja,” he writes. Yes, the key word there is “so far…” – can’t wait to see what he gets up to next!

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