Best Buy Actually Thanks Consumerist; Open To Suggestions On Whole Receipt-Checking Thing

Most Consumerist readers would guess that it’s unlikely that the people at Best Buy will be inviting us over for dinner anytime soon. So it’s a nice surprise to see the company actually thanking us for a story.

Yesterday we wrote about a way for customers to offer suggestions on the issue of receipt-checking on the company’s Best Buy IdeaX site.

In response, Best Buy has consolidated the suggestions into one current and even name-checked this here site:

Thanks to the Consumerist for highlighting an issue that’s important to certain customers of ours; the practice of checking receipts at the door.

This current is asking for solutions for other ways to handle what is essentially a loss prevention technique for us and other retailers.

Right now there are only a handful of suggestions in the current, but that might be because the original one submitted by Consumerist reader Mike seems to have a pretty large number of “points.”

So if you have a suggestion on how Best Buy can best deal with checking receipts, they are at least paying lip service to wanting to hear your ideas.

Current: What’s a better alternative to our checking receipts at the door? [Best Buy]
Get rid of receipt checkers or provide notice. [Mike’s Original Suggestion]

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