Assessing The Christmas Aftermath: How'd You Make Out?

Now that the dust has settled, the overly expensive wrapping paper has been ripped to shreds and stuffed into giant garbage bags and the candy cane hangovers have started, we want to know, how’d you do this year?

Tell us what presents you went to sleep clutching with joy, the ones you dreamed about for weeks in advance, only to awake the day after Christmas and find that yes, it is all real, and no eggnog-induced hallucination.

On that consumer-driven note, what gifts will you be sending straight back to the store or trading in for store credit? Is there anything you asked for, only to get it and realize, well, this is actually pretty lame?

Let us know how your post-Christmas haul stacked up to your holiday expectations. Feel free to vent, exult, bemoan, complain and rave in the comments.

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