LG's Customer Service Reps Are Nice, But My Webcam Is Still Messed Up

Ted really likes his new LG netbook, except for one problem: the self-focusing webcam focuses itself in the wrong spot. The company’s customer service representatives were extremely friendly but ultimately useless. Now Ted has to continue…just a bit out of focus.

I recently bought a netbook, an LGX 120, a delightful little communication device, smaller than a laptop, larger than a cell phone, with a reasonable amount of computing capability. Great for catching up on e-mail while laying about drinking coffee in bed.

One small problem arose: the built in web cam, by Cyberlink, focuses about 30 degrees to the right and up 30 degrees from the center. It is supposed to be self-focusing, so there is no apparent way to alter the focus. I contacted LG by telephone and by chat to see I they could help. What a run-around. They e-mailed me a user manual for the computer that would not open with any program on my system, and I have them all.

One agent told me they did not support the device in the US and referred me to their global web site, which had the same info as the US site..A supervisor, [J], finally admitted that he could not resolve the issue with the camera either though he did send me the device driver, which I already had.

When I was done with all the chat boxes I got a questionnaire from LG asking if they were pleasant to deal with. Of course they were…they were just not helpful. Thank goodness I did not buy a refrigerator or someting truly expensive from them.

We don’t have any executive contacts for LG–or for Cyberlink, for that matter. Does anyone out there have a similar experience, or advanced webcam focusing tips?

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