Snapfish Sends Another Copy Of Photo Book, No One Knows Why

A few weeks ago, we shared Karina’s complaint about Snapfish. She wrote that when she took advantage of a “buy one photobook, get two free” deal, the company kept canceling her order instead of printing the books. Shawn has the opposite problem: Snapfish sent him another copy that he never asked for of a book that he had already printed. Of course, they haven’t charged him. Is there some kind of Law of Conservation of Photobooks at work here?

I wanted to pass along a unique experience I had with Snapfish. On December 8th, I ordered a leather photo book from them as a Christmas gift for my mother that had pictures of me and my family. Their website made it easy to arrange photos, etc. and I felt like I got a good deal as they had a 25% off coupon for the holidays. The book was ready on December 9th and I had it in my hands on December 13th. I looked the book over and thought it looked really nice and well done and was proud of my photo layout skills.

Fast forward to this past Sunday evening, December 19th. I receive an email from Snapfish stating that my photo book is ready to ship. My first thought was that my wife ordered another one and used my account that had all of the pictures saved on it. Wrong. The order details showed that it was the same book I ordered the first time. The order total was the same as before so I checked my bank account and couldn’t find a 2nd charge from Snapfish anywhere, just the original one from December 8th.

In the new email, there was even a link to track the package via FedEx. I checked my Snapfish account and could only find the first order. On both confirmation emails from Snapfish, the order date was the same but the order number and ship date were different.

So today I received another package from Snapfish with the same photo book inside. They even went the extra mile to overnight this 2nd book I never ordered.

Any idea what happened or ever hear of anyone else with a similar experience? I’m not sure how to thank Snapfish for this because the photo book is obviously something I can’t return.

The best way to thank a company for an error in your favor is to keep giving them your business. While the obvious conclusion here is “yay, free book!” has anyone else experienced this problem with Snapfish?

Snapfish Offers Special Deal: Get No Photobooks For The Price Of One


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  1. deejmer says:

    How DARE he steal Karina’s book?! ;-)

  2. Rose says:

    He needs to get a confirmation, in writing, that he did not order a second book and will not be charged for a second book. Then, when the charge goes through next week and overdrafts (or causes something else to overdraft), he’ll have it.

  3. Excuse My Ambition Deficit Disorder says:

    Merry/Happy Multicultural Religious/Spritual Day/Week from Snapfish….

  4. Digital_Headache says:

    This happened to us as well. We ordered a book that was delivered over a week ago. My wife got an email stating that there was a quality control issue and that they were issuing us a credit as well as sending us another book (arriving today)! This is why we are repeat customers!

    • carlosdelvaca says:

      I had the same thing as Digital Headache. Ordered some books, got them, noticed that some of the pictures had strange vertical bands on the edges. Not enough to want to return them all, though. But a few days later, I got the same e-mail citing quality control issues, and advising that I’d get an automatic reprint, AND that I could get another photo book free. So, yay for that. Perhaps one of Shawn’s shipments is one of these QC reprints.

    • akrabat says:

      I had the exact same thing happen – ordered book in early Dec. and then got the mail on the 19th that a new one was being overnighted. But no nice note to explain why. Perhaps they had a glitch in their system and just re-sent everything? I had duplicate orders last year from Zenni Optical, too when the first one got delayed…

  5. horns says:

    HA! They sent me two of the same orders over the weekend. I double checked and I only paid for one, but for some reason I received the exact same order twice on the same day with the same items inside of each.

  6. Shadowman615 says:

    We ordered a photo book with lots of extended family pics for my Grandparents a few years ago. Now I can’t remember if it was Snapfish or Shutterfly or what, but they sent the wrong card-note with it. “Merry Christmas from (some other people they’ve never heard of).

    Luckily, we also happened to print a message on the last page with a pic of our family saying Merry Christmas from (all our names), so they figured it out. Were quite confused by it though. My Grandparents are both around 90 so they certainly spent quite a bit of time headscratching trying to remember whoever the other people were.

  7. slolee says:

    I created a Snapfish photobook this Christmas as well and ordered 2- one for each set of parents. They shipped December 11 and were delivered. On December 20, I received the exact same “your order is ready to ship” emails for both orders and sure enough, the books showed up the next day.

    I was only charged for the original orders. I submitted a question to their customer service but haven’t received a response yet.