Co-workers Give The Worst Christmas Gifts

If you think your boss or colleagues have deliberately gone out of their way to bestow the worst possible holiday gifts on you year after year, you’re in good company. According to a new survey from our scientific siblings at Consumer Reports, about 30% of employed adults single out co-workers or bosses as the worst gift-givers.

According to the survey, the worst gifts come from bosses, followed by colleagues. After that, random family members are the biggest culprits. Skipping a generation apparently helps boost gift quality: Grandparents were cited as the worst gift-givers by just 3%, and grandchildren by 2%.

The survey also found that, this season, shoppers are generally enthusiastic about the holidays, but are still being cautious about their shopping by using cash instead of credit cards, and cutting their total holiday gift budgets to an average of $679, down $20 from last year. “The Recession may be officially over, but many consumers remain very concerned about paying their bills and the security of their jobs,” said Tod Marks, Consumer Reports senior editor and resident shopping expert.

Who typically gives you the WORST holiday gifts?
Boss/Employer     9%*
Co-workers     8%*
Parents     6%
In-laws      9%
Other family member     13%
Children/Grandchildren      12%
Children under     18%
Children 18 or older      4%
Grandchildren      2%
Spouse or significant other      6%
Friends      5%
Grandparents      3%
Someone else      2%
Don’t know      11%

* For full-time workers, co-workers/employer=30%, boss=15%, co-workers=14%

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