Next Big Thing In Mortgage Fraud: Fake Attorney Signatures

The next big wave in disgusting mortgage fraud revelations could be faked signatures from foreclosure attorneys. And homeowners fighting foreclosure are using it to hold onto their house.

These are foreclosures that used court documents sporting signatures from attorneys who did not themselves sign them or even look at them.

An attorney’s signature is supposed to represent that they have personally reviewed the documents and verified their accuracy.

What is getting uncovered in several cases is that there were foreclosure firms that had only a small number of attorneys, and a large back room filled with non-attorneys filing documents at a breakneck speed.

So far a few foreclosure cases with faked attorney signatures have led to them getting tossed out.

So if you find yourself the target of a foreclosure case from a foreclosure mill type place, you might want to have your lawyer look into whether the guy really signed the papers!

False Attorney Signatures Cast New Doubts on Foreclosures [ProPublica]

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