CitiMortgage Launches "Call-A-Thon" To Answer Distressed Homeowner Questions

Tomorrow CitiMortgage is kicking off a special 1-day “call-a-thon” where people in trouble with or confused about their mortgages with Citi can call in and talk to foreclosure prevention staff. In addition, “senior managers and increased numbers of supervisors will be on hand to provide additional support,” says Citi.

The number is 877-617-9465 and lines will be open from 7am Eastern December 15th to 1am December 16th.

It will be a way to get specific questions about your mortgage answered as well as learn about assistance programs that may be available to help you.

The only question is, with the mortgage and foreclosure problems as severe as they are, why isn’t every day a Call-A-Thon?

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