Buzzwords To Avoid When Looking For A New Job

Are you a team player? Do you have a proven track record as a problem solver in a fast-paced, results-oriented environment? If so, you might want to think of better ways to describe yourself the next time you’re applying for a new job.

The folks at business-minded social networking site LinkedIn analyzed their analytics for their 85 million registered users and came up with its list of the Top 10 Overused Buzzwords for 2010:

1. Extensive experience

2. Innovative

3. Motivated

4. Results-oriented

5. Dynamic

6. Proven track record

7. Team player

8. Fast-paced

9. Problem solver

10. Entrepreneurial

Of course, there are those rare situations where a cliche like “motivated” would be a step up from “on the run from federal marshals,” and “team player” is generally always better than “Pittsburgh Pirate.”

Let’s hear your suggestions for how to avoid using these tired terms and phrases.

Did you use one of these 10 most overused buzzwords in your LinkedIn profile this year? [LinkedIn Blog]

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