CPSC Says Lead Wizard Of Oz Glasses "Are Not Children's Products"

A recent study commissioned by the AP showed that dozens of decorative glasses featuring superheros (like Wonder Woman and Superman) and movie characters (like the cast of Wizard of Oz), have “up to 1,000 times more” lead than is currently allowed for children’s products. The AP asked the CPSC to issue a recall. The CPSC’s response? The glasses are not children’s products.

From the AP:

“After thoughtful analysis by child behavior experts at CPSC, it has been determined that the glasses are not children’s products,” Wolfson said Friday. He added that “the size, weight, packaging and price of the glasses sampled by CPSC are consistent with glasses more commonly used for consumption of adult beverages.”

But Wolfson went on to say: “These glasses are not primarily intended for use by a child 12 or younger. … Since these glasses are not intended for use by young children, it is recommended that parents not provide them to children to use.”

Under federal law, an item is a “children’s product” if it is “primarily intended” for those 12 and under.

Feds dismiss need to recall lead drinking glasses [Yahoo!]

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