Would You Ever Rent Your Christmas Tree?

When we recently asked Consumerist readers if they would ever purchase their Christmas tree online, a few commenters wrote that they kept their tree potted all year round and would just bring it inside during the holidays. And now we’ve learned that there are a handful of businesses are offering this same service, for a price.

USA Today profiles one such company in Los Angeles that rents out potted trees (five varieties) for the season. Trees are delivered to customers’ doors and picked up after the holidays to be stored until next year.

One benefit is that customers can have the option of getting the same tree year after year. The trees are each tagged with a barcode so they can be identified when the time comes.

Some tree rental businesses have been around for over a decade, but the growing interest in eco-friendly products has more customers checking out this option.

Unfortunately, one of the problems with many tree rental services is the cost. While most of us can go to the local Christmas tree lot and pick up a tree for not too much money, it can cost around $100-$150 to rent a six-foot-tall tree.

Have a green Christmas: rent a tree [USA Today]

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