Would You Buy Your Christmas Tree Online?

In November, Target started selling fresh-cut Christmas trees on their website, joining Costco in the growing number of companies who have turned to the web to offer holiday greenery.

While the National Christmas Tree Association (yes, there is such a thing) estimates that online sales only make up around 3% of all tree sales, that still adds up to around 1 million trees.

One family-owned tree farm in Minnesota tells the Chicago Tribune that online sales account for around 10% of its business. The owner of the farm downplays the idea that ordering online completely takes away the personal choice aspect of Christmas tree buying.

“If someone says they want a 6- or 7-foot tree, I go out that evening and find it, and Federal Express picks it up the next morning,” he says. “We treat it special. Usually that time of year, we’re able to scoop some snow into the bag. People tell us they never knew you could get a tree that fresh.”

Considering that more than 75% of you said you are doing most, if not all of your holiday shopping online this year, we were curious to see how many of you would be willing to purchase a tree over the internet:

Christmas tree buying moving online [Chicago Tribune]

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