Feds Nab Satellite-Smuggling Microsoft Contractor

Someone forgot to pay attention to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, which teaches that giving Slugworth an everlasting gobstopper will lead directly to ruin. In a sting operation, the FBI arrested an alleged satellite smuggler who did contract work for Microsoft.

The Associated Press reports the man tried to recruit others to help him export 300 semiconductor devices to China. The “radiation-hardened” devices are illegal to export without the approval of the State Department. It turns out the accused was dealing with undercover agents who offered to pay him $620,000 for the delectable goodies.

This means no lifelong supply of chocolate for the would-be smuggler, and definitely no Kinect under his Christmas tree.

Lian Yang, Microsoft-Contracted Engineer, Arrested in Smuggling Plot After Another FBI Sting in Portland [AP via Seattle Weekly]

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