History's Most Dangerous Cars

If you’ve ever ridden in a Ford Pinto, congratulations — you’ve survived a ride in possibly the least safe car ever invented.

Auto Shippers combed through the auto industry’s storied history of catastrophic engineering and manufacturing failures, recalls and scandals to select history’s most dangerous jalopies.

Some highlights from the list:

1. 1971-1980 Ford Pinto — A mis-designed gas tank made the car prone to explosions even in low-speed accidents.

4. 1960-1963 Chevrolet Corvair. The engine was located in the back and had a tendency of pumping toxic fumes into the cab, and its steering wheel could gore drivers on impact.

6. 1985 Yugo GV. Its light frame made it susceptible to gusts of wind, and poor materials and workmanship caused parts to rattle and fall off the vehicle over time.

Check out the source link for the other seven death traps that made the list.

What’s the most dangerous vehicle in which you’ve ever traveled?

The 10 Least Safe Cars of All Time [Auto Shippers]

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