Dentist Left Instruments In Patients' Teeth

A New York dentist has been ordered back to school after being accused of leaving instruments behind in patients’ mouths during root canals.

From the charges:

While drilling the patients’ teeth during root canals, [she] broke off files and left them behind. In two of those cases she subsequently performed restorative work on the same teeth, never recognizing instruments had been left in the teeth.

During one root canal, [the dentist] failed to remove decayed tissue, leaving the patient in pain with swelling and infections for two years.

The state fined her $1,000 and barred her from performing this more advanced dentistry until she gets retrained at the University of Buffalo Dental school.

If you have a dentist you need to file a complaint about and they are certified by the Education Department, you can make your grievance known by calling that state agency.

State orders Manlius dentist back to school after botched root canals and extractions [Syracuse]

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