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Some Health Providers Are Sharing Patients’ Info Online In Reaction To Bad Yelp Reviews

Now that we live in a world where it seems everything can be rated — from your restaurant experience to your root canal — privacy issues are popping up in unexpected places. Like in health care providers’ responses to negative reviews from patients on Yelp, for example. [More]


Man’s Fellow Shoppers Would Appreciate It If He Kept It In His Pants While Perusing Pillow Aisle

Shopping for bedding can be quite a heady experience — all those different thread counts and pillow fillers! — but one man’s fellow shoppers at a Marshalls Home Goods store would really appreciate it if he kept the pillow-induced hanky panky at home. [More]


Your ZIP Code And Your Name, That’s All Retailers Need To Track Your Behavior

How many times have you been asked “May I have your ZIP code?” when paying with a credit card? Many people just assume it’s for security purposes, but in reality it’s more likely that you may have just given marketers access to a wealth of knowledge about you and your shopping habits. [More]

Louis Vuitton Offers Not-So-Luxurious Bag Repair Service

Louis Vuitton Offers Not-So-Luxurious Bag Repair Service

Liz bought a Louis Vuitton bag , then took it into get it repaired, but found the zipper was still screwed up. Without letting her know what they were doing, the CSR took her bag away and sent it off to be fixed, informing her she’d have to shell out $155 if she wanted to get it back in working condition.