Dunkin Donuts Launches Meat Munchkins

This has been a great year for fast food innovations and Dunkin Donuts continues the “I’m broke so I’ll just take a staycation in my mouth” trend with the new Sausage Pancake Bites, aka meat munchkins.

The new concoction is a pancake ball, pre-soaked in maple syrup, and filled with sausage.

As Michael Showalter blogs, “Did you get that? The syrup is in the pancake and the sausage is in the pancake that the syrup is in too! Fuck it! Let’s all get in that pancake! It’s a pancake party!”

They’ll be sold for a limited time at participating Dunkin Donuts at 3 for $1.59 or 6 for $3.

In a statement, Dunkin’ Brands’ Executive Chef Stan Frankenthaler said, “Everyone loves a traditional pancake and sausage breakfast, but in our typical busy day it’s almost impossible to find the time it takes to sit down and enjoy it. With our new Pancake Bites, we’ve put the traditional taste of pancakes and sausage into a portable, poppable snack that you can take with you on the go, in the car, at work or any time day or night.”

Just don’t try to pay for them in pennies.

[via Gothamist]

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