Comcast Offers You $25 To Take Phone Survey, Gives You Number For Time Warner Cable

Consumerist reader and Comcast/Xfinity subscriber Amy recently received a promo in the mail from the folks at Kabletown asking her to take a quick survey, for which they would send her a $25 check. One hitch — the number on the mailer sent her to a Time Warner Cable operator.

When Consumerist contact Comcast about the gaffe, they didn’t see a problem — they tried the number three times and got the correct Comcast recording. But every time we tried, we reached Time Warner Cable.

The Comcast rep tried dialing the digits on his cell phone and — voila! — he reached TWC. For some reason, land lines were going to the right destination while mobile phones reached the wrong cable company.

It took several hours, but Comcast appears to have fixed the problem. The number now goes to a Comcast recording.

Is anyone out there knowledgeable enough about this kind of thing to explain how this happened?


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