Staples Makes Me Play Foolish Games To Get Advertised Deal

Jason is not a man. He’s a piece of iron. And that’s why he finally got Staples to honor an advertised computer discount program, despite several attempts by employees to derail him.

Kick back and enjoy Jason’s steady, self-assured victory march:

Two weeks ago, Staples ran an ad:

Recycle a Windows XP or Vista PC and get $100 off a new HP computer at Staples. Good 10/10/10 – 12/25/10. I printed the ad and since I had my eye on a HP netbook currently selling for $349 at Staples, I thought I’d see if they put it on sale between now and Christmas (especially for Black Friday).

I went to my local Staples and checked last weekend to make sure the deal was still good and that they had the netbook in stock. I talked to the customer service person who showed me the deal posted behind the register and she assured me it was valid until 12/25.

So Black Friday came and went and the netbook didn’t go on sale, so I decided to go ahead and get it. My wife is taking a trip to visit some friends next weekend and could definitely use the netbook during her travel.

I go to my local Staples again yesterday, and after being ignored by a bunch of completely idle employees, and watching the manager walk by me three times while I’m waiting at the computer counter, I finally catch his eye and tell them I’d like to buy a computer and I have a PC to recycle to get the $100 off the HP. Here’s how the conversation goes with both the manager and assistant manager:

Me: I’d like to take advantage of this offer.

Them: It expired two weeks ago. Sorry.

Me: I printed the offer from your website this morning. Here it is, see the date?

Them: You could have gotten that from anywhere, not

Me: OK, let me pull it up on my iPhone. Here it is on

Them: It expired two weeks ago

Me: No, it didn’t. See here where it says “offer good until 12/25/10”?
Them: Doesn’t matter. We’re not doing that any more.

Me: Well, I came here last week and they showed me you had the deal printed out and posted behind the register. See? It’s still there.

Them: What? This? Nope, it expired (crumpling it up and throwing it away).

Me: Okay. I want your name and the manager’s name. I’m going to call your corporate office.

After a corporate customer service rep assured Jason the deal was valid, he went to a different Staples location. Jason again:

The store manager there is MUCH nicer, but still insists the deal was expired two weeks ago. I tell him about the situation with the corporate office, and he calls *someone*, but not the corporate office (telling me they are closed on Sundays) and needs to wait for them to call back to confirm the deal. In the meantime, he goes over my recycle PC to make sure it is eligible. After awhile, he calls me over and tells me this:

Him: Okay, the deal was over two weeks ago. We emailed out vouchers for $100 for PCs that were recycled back then. We’re still honoring the vouchers until 12/25, but we can’t give out new ones.

Me: You realize this printout I’m showing you says “Receive $100 savings instantly in the store”, right?

Him: I see that, but I can only do what I’m told. Let me take your number and when they call me back I’ll let you know what I can do?

Jason headed to yet another Staples, continuing:

1. They don’t have the netbook I want in stock

2. She doesn’t believe the netbook is eligible for the recycle savings

No. 2 shocks me. I ask her why and she tells me:

J: Well, it’s not a computer – it’s a netbook.

Me: stunned, blank look on my face. This is easily the most stupid thing I’ve been told all weekend.

When I recover, I decide not to argue. She tells me it’s immaterial, because she doesn’t have one to give me, anyway.

So I leave empty handed again.

Finally, a manager from the second Staples called him and said he had the netbook Jason was looking for. At long last, Jason achieved ultimate victory.

What’s the hardest you’ve had to work to get a company to honor a deal?


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  1. comatose says:

    Holy crap! If this was me, my head what have exploded from anger after the first store. I would have gone medieval on them using the EECB or something worse (don’t know what that could be, but I’m sure I could find it and it would definitely be worse.)

    • perkonkrusts says:

      Yeah, to me the credit goes to the OP for keeping his cool more than it does for finally getting the deal. He stayed calm, kept trying, and eventually got what he wanted. If he would have screamed and yelled and pitched fits, he probably would have gotten nowhere. My wife still won’t go to Arby’s because they sent us a coupon BEFORE it was effective, and Arby’s wouldn’t take it until the effective date. That was three years ago, and I miss Arby’s so much.

    • Chaotic Evil says:

      Would’ve gone medieval on ’em using the BFG…

  2. HogwartsProfessor says:

    That is ridiculous. Good for Jason for being persistent. I absolutely hate it when companies try to pull this kind of crap.

  3. Mr. Fix-It says: "Canadian Bacon is best bacon!" says:

    Public Relations 101

    “Only tell your employees just enough to really confuse them, and any customers they interact with.”

  4. davidsco says:

    Staples, Like most retail-morons, doesn’t bother to tell their store management about their sales. That way, they can advertise sales, get people to walk into their stores, and not have to honor them. Likewise, the store managers don’t train their employees. Costs too much money, especially on people who will only be there for a few months. It’s much easier for them to waste the money on annoying ads TELLING you how great they are than to actually do something about it

    • Griking says:

      Are you completely ignorant or do you just come off that way?

      Ok lets get this out of the way, I work at a Staples so I know what I’m talking about unlike you unless you also work at a Staples.

      To say that our corporate home office does not communicate with the stores and their management teams about promotions is just an asinine statement. If you were really able to see how much these things are communicated your head would spin. Promotions such as $100 off one are communicated to the store via emails, MAP communications, and GM and SM conference calls. And to further imply that the company purposely tries to keep their staff ignorant so they won’t have to honor a promotion just leaves me stunned. Clearly you’ve been wearing your tinfoil hat for far too long.

      As I’ve said, I’m a Staples employee and have been for many years not. I’m not employed in the home office, I am however one of the many who actually gives a shit about my job AS WELL AS my customers. Believe it or not, we are out there despite what sites like these may want you to believe.

      • Doncosmic says:

        Well then good for you, but while there may be many of you, you are still in a very very very small minority.

    • coren says:

      The stores seemed very aware of the sale, just didn’t want to honor it.

  5. Skellbasher says:

    3 Staples for a netbook? That’s perseverance.

  6. nucwin83 says:

    I don’t try terribly hard because stores can have uninformed employees, or worse, misinformed management. If they acted the way the first guy did, I’d be going through corporate, politely and directly explaining how I’m not inclined to shop at a store that blatantly disregards their own advertisements. A properly worded letter can get you quite far, even if it does take a few days to get results. Better than beating your head into a wall because of idiots at the store.

  7. msky says:

    Well, it’s not a computer – it’s a netbook.


    • DewBerry says:

      Well, the question is, when is a computing device a computer, and when is it a:

      – netbook
      – iPad
      – smartphone
      – calculator
      – DVD player with widgets
      – TV with widgets
      – digital watch
      – any one of a thousand smart devices with a microprocessor and a human interface??

      Technically – they are all computers.

      • vastrightwing says:

        Me: Hello, I’d like to buy a computer.
        Staples: I’m sorry, we don’t carry computers. We only have PCs, Notebooks and Netbooks.
        Me: But your sign here says I can get a new computer for $100 off.
        Staples: yes, except we don’t have any in this store.

      • longdvsn says:

        I’d say that if, on the website, it lists a product under the ‘computers’ section (which includes desktops, laptops, and netbooks), it’s definitely a computer eligible for the trade-in.

        You should also consider the primary function of the device. Ex: A smartphone is a phone (primary intended usage) – not a computer, despite many new smartphones having significant computing power.

        Seems pretty easy to me!

    • Red Cat Linux says:

      I found this funny only because I agree with them, though this is only computer snobbery on my part, rather than a failure to understand the technical definition.

      netbook = meh.

    • DanKelley98 says:

      That’s not a computer, its a netbook.

      That’s not a computer, its a notebook.

      That’s not a computer, its a desktop.

  8. ClaudeKabobbing says:

    I would have just said “No thanks. I just got one at Best Buy” (or some other competitor) , . “You should have called me back sooner”. But then again, I dont have much patiience for crap. After all a retailer should be working to get my money, I should not have to jump through hoop to spend my money.

    • Bagumpity says:

      Well, if it’s a choice between honoring a deal that loses the store money and letting the customer go somewhere else, the intelligent thing was to let him go.

      (making a big assumption here that the store drones were acting on the basis of rational intelligent thought and not just knee jerk reaction to someone wanting to make them actually do their jobs)

  9. denros says:

    “Them: What? This? Nope, it expired. Mmmo Mmmrry. (I couldn’t make out the last thing he said, due to him crumpling the ad and eating it, to hysterical results).”

    That’s what I really wanted to read.

    • Mr. Fix-It says: "Canadian Bacon is best bacon!" says:

      “Offer good until 12/25/10. This advertisement will self-destruct.”

  10. SecretShopper: pours out a lil' liquor for the homies Wasp & Otter says:

    normally I would chalk this up to a rogue asst. mgr. but the fact that he was told the same thing at 3 different staples sounds like staples tells employees to stonewall and try not to honor the deal in hops that they will give up and purchase whatever computer they came for at full price

    • DerangedHermit says:

      That’s about right, based on my dad’s experience working as a drone at Staples.

    • Saltpork says:

      I would not by any piece of electronics at Staples. Overpriced & lacking knowledge, Staples makes me mad 9 times out of 10 when I’m there. The only thing I go there for these days are boxes of paper(they are a bit pricey on shipping).

      I would rather purchase online.
      Internet prices, (lack of) hassle, and fast shipping win over idiocy every time.
      When brick & mortar becomes so frustrating you want to stab people it’s time to join the other team.

      I would rather pay a small premium than deal with this kind of nonsense.
      The hassle alone of going to 3 stores isn’t worth it.

      The hardest deal I’ve ever had to do was related to a mail in rebate. I more or less had to robocall their hotline every day for 2 weeks to get it processed through. All for a 50 dollar check. Now I don’t do MIR offers. I’ve learned better.

      • regis-s says:

        At least there were 3 stores he could go to. If you get hosed on an online deal you’re pretty much screwed. Better hope your cc will do a chargeback.

    • ronbo97 says:

      +1. This is their strategy.

      BTW, what ever happened to consumer protection laws ?

  11. Taed says:

    It once took me two years to get a $25 rebate. The original company had stalled on the rebate for a number of months until they went out of business. Then it was up to the original retailer (Fry’s in this case) to make good on it, per California law. That took a long time and many pokes and prods for them to finally pay it.

    I’ve done maybe 150 or so rebates over the years, and have received all of them. Only 5 or so of those didn’t arrive as per agreement and required calls to the company, and only the one above required more effort than a single call.

    • MrEvil says:

      Your experience is exactly why I no longer buy products with rebates EVER. It’s also the only reason I ever buy ANYTHING at Best Buy because even though they were the pioneers of 3 mile long receipts, they shit-canned mail in rebates. If Sprint would cut the Mail in Rebate Bullshit I’d never buy a single thing at Best Buy Again.

      (Apart from the stuff I can con my friend that works at Best Buy to purchase for me on his discount)

  12. Mr. Fix-It says: "Canadian Bacon is best bacon!" says:

    And since no-one played on the Rocky reference yet:

    Jason: “I Must Break You.”

  13. Ouze says:

    Remember the lesson:

    Just kidding, there wasn’t one.

    You still bought the netbook from them thus rewarding their incompetence and giving them absolutely no impetus to improve.

    • RandomHookup says:

      So he should punish his own wallet by buying somewhere else? At least it cost Staples $100 in profit.

      • Ouze says:

        That’s a false choice: those are not the only 2 options. If a retail store is selling something for a certain price, you know perfectly well that Newegg or Amazon or someplace better will have it for the same or lower price.

        • pecan 3.14159265 says:

          Yes, but neither of those places were going to offer the OP $100 off for recycling a PC.

        • RandomHookup says:

          Sounds like he wanted the netbook in his hands right away. If the net cost to him is better at Staples, then that’s where he should buy it (assuming he holds no grudge).

          • coren says:

            I’m not sure I agree – he was willing to wait at least two weeks, as evidenced by his letter. I’d think a few more days in that case wouldn’t hurt

    • Griking says:

      Most retailers make somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 profit when they sell a PC and the longer that it sits on the shelf the less profit they make until it eventually becomes a loss when its sold (this is why stores push addons such as tech services, warranties and accessories). When you factor in a $100 rebate on top of it I can assure you, the OP did NOT reward Staples by purchasing the netbook from them.

  14. akieran says:

    Your writeup makes this sound like a victory for the little guy, but it’s not. Staples was counting on him giving up, as countless other probably did. So Staples ‘won’ because they drove traffic to the store and created a perception that they offer good deals.

    Jason should file a formal complaint with his state Attorney General over Staples’ attempts to use ‘bait and switch’ tactics, which are illegal in almost all states.

  15. radio1 says:

    It sounds like there was some missing fine print on the offer, saying ‘Recycle PC by 11/15 and Offer Ends 12/25’… Or the OP just hits 3 d-bags in a row…

  16. rdclark says:

    My time is worth more to me than to spend it on crap like this.

  17. Kevinsky says:

    Anyway, it’s an HP, he’ll be shopping for a replacement in two years anyway.

  18. UnicornMaster says:

    Sucks that he had to go to 3 different stores. It wouldn’t have been worth it and I would have made the original store pay up…

    I bet they all knew about it but were under some directive to keep their sales margins high during Black Friday. They sound more concerned about keeping their job than doing their job.

  19. tehfunk says:

    It’s not worth spending all that time to get the deal. The way I look at it, my time is more valuable then trying to argue with a company that clearly doesn’t want a sale. Take your business elsewhere.

  20. joescratch says:

    Store Manager: “I can only do what I’m told.” Big part of the problem right there. He’s not a manager, he’s another worker ant who gets maybe $0.50 more in his paycheck.

  21. Zen says:

    That look a lot like a bait and switch. File a complaint with the FTC and with your state’s AG.

  22. maruawe says:

    typical of Staples. I left a store here in San Antonio when denied and went to a store in Austin ( business trip)to check the same type of discounted item and was told that it was only available in San Antonio, asked if he could let me purchase it in Austin and pickup in San Antonio which he said was Ok .I made the purchase in Austin and picked it up when I came back to San Antonio the next day where I picked up the merchandise from the same person that had denied it three days ago.

  23. scoobydoo says:

    This is the common way of doing business at Staples. Their managers are all trained to sell as little as possible when it comes to discounts.

    Thankfully, some Staples stores around here are already closing, so their piss-poor attitude is finally costing them.

  24. XxSuntoucherxX says:

    Having worked for that company for 2 years of my life that I’ll never get back there’s a few things you should know about Staples “Specials”

    1. Anytime there’s a recycling special, you’ll find coworkers that never want to do it regardless of what advertising says simply because it’s a pain in the ass to process returns. The company has the most backward time consuming process when it comes to things like that. Printers, computers, cell phones batteries, software, anything that the store has to return either for recycling or returns has to go through literally a binders worth of procedures and UPS’d or couriered to either the original malefactor or warehouse. (Including those $2.00 recycled inks)

    That said, of course they could have taken the printer back, they just didn’t want to. HP offers them 2 to 4 times a year, that same deal. Coworkers will go so far as to say that customers have to go to another store to take advantage of it. In this case, they threw away their vouchers either before the special began or immediately after it ended. Either way, if you can redeem it to a certain time, it’s valid to a certain time as evidenced by the fact that he got the Netbook COMPUTER. (See what I did there… :-)

    2. The culture is different from store to store. A greedy store manager will never accept returns unless they have to. Since all returns, even those purchased from, get added to their inventory till the binders worth of procedures are done to rid them from the store. If they can’t be sold immediately, the manager won’t want to take it back. The converse is also true, a customer service driven store where they are prone to visits and service standards need to be 100% all the time, will take back anything, I’ve even seen them take back stuff from Office Max. If you’re in NYC and need to return something with minimal fuss, go to the Store at 40th St. and 6th Ave. across from Bryant Park. On The lower level in the back, you’ll find the Staples Regional offices.

    3. Avoid Staples Copy & Print Shops and Staples Express. They’re significantly smaller and carry a much narrower range of everything. However, if it’s your only option, and in most circumstance they’ll never volunteer you to know, that you can order anything from and have it shipped to the store free. Do it before 2:00 and you get it next day. Their incentive to not share this info, it requires more work on their part. Same thing with UPS packages.

    What it comes down to is, the minute you expect someone to put effort into their job at Staples, unless they genuinely love their job, they will make you miserable to the point where it may not even be worth doing…. There anyway.

    • DeeJayQueue says:

      I as well worked for Staples for several years. I quit in 2008.

      I told plenty of people to order and have it shipped here next-day for free. That was how we got around our “Always In Stock” ink and toner deal. It was also a great way to sell furniture without having to have a lot of warehouse space. The DC acted as our drop-ship center.

      The ink recycling was a pain because it cost the company money on every cartridge we took in. That’s why they changed it. We used to have people come in with a bucket full of inkjet cartridges and they’d “recycle” them all at $4 a pop and walk out with a new computer or something. Turns out they went around and pirated all their offices’ printers, then used the company card to order new ones, from, you guessed it, Staples.

      A big problem is the training. A lot of it is CD based videos, for which you have to take a test on one of the registers, because those are the only computers that are networked into the corporate HR system. Most of the time, the ops manager would just print out the questions with the answers below them so that we’d all get them right. They did nothing to teach us how to sell things, or how the products worked. The tests were just a bunch of trick questions.

      Also, the management doesn’t ever talk to one another. In fact, sometimes there isn’t any more than a 15-30 minute overlap between shifts. In my store, the PM manager would send one of us out to get him dinner because he couldn’t take a break, and if he could spare 10 minutes to sit down, he couldn’t leave the store. They don’t know what’s coming or going, or if the store manager made a decision, they either don’t know about it, don’t know why that decision was made, or don’t know how to implement it or support it.

      So there’s a general malaise about working there. There are good points. I remember in my store we won some sort of contest, and the whole store got free printers; really nice ones too. But more often than not, there’s no coverage, no communication, and piss poor training.

    • Griking says:

      Gee, I’m sorry if you hated your job so badly but it was probably for the best that you left.

  25. dush says:

    Did he spend $100 in gas driving around to all those stores?

  26. TonyK says:

    By that time I’ve gone looking online or another retailer.

  27. SecretShopper: pours out a lil' liquor for the homies Wasp & Otter says:

    I called staples on the 800 # and a csr told me that they are still doing this promo and that some stores were trying not honoring the deal because of paperwork, but every store is participating

  28. DovS says:

    I think Jason must have pressed the “Difficult” button by mistake.

  29. Kimaroo - 100% Pure Natural Kitteh says:

    The hardest I ever had to work for a deal was when I switched from Comcast to AT&T Uverse. I was moving and Comcast really ticked me off by saying I had to pay a 38 dollar fee for a dude to come out and hook up my DVR Box at my new apartment when just the month before they handed the box to me in person at the Comcast service center and let me take it home and plug it in myself. (IE. Clearly, I know how to hook up some wires, why would I need to pay someone to do that?) THEN they tried to upsell me on a 4 dollar a month “wiring protection plan” which is STUPID because I live in apartments, and the wiring is not my responsibility at all.

    Anyway, after dealing with them, I started looking for better deals and Uverse had one. If I signed up one paticular weekend online I was eligible to recieve $350 in rebates and cash back cards. I tried signing up online but it wouldn’t take my sign up, so I called and it still wouldn’t work because the person who previously lived in my new apartment had a Uverse account, but never turned it off when they moved away. The girl I was dealing with couldn’t figure out how to get their account turned off, but she tried very hard and called me back multiple times, and made excellent notes on my account so that I was sure to get my deal when they were finnally able to put it through.

    I had to go through multiple calls over 2 or 3 weeks, plus some calls afterward to confirm that the rebates would go through. I found twitter to be the most helpful, because they saw my tweets and then got me on the phone with a person that could actually take care of the account mess that was left over from the previous tennant.

    All of this time was worth the $350 for me, as a I had just moved and money is so tight when you have to pay fees for everything. I’m still happier with Uverse than I was with Comcast. The Uverse DVR system is 100% better than the Comcast Scientific Atlanta boxes ever were.

  30. donovanr says:

    If you gave me a netbook for free it might get used once. (typed on a 22 inch monitor)

  31. JBlank912 says:

    Sears to honor a price guarantee against BestBuy on a warranty plan. Sears said we’re better, we do preventive maintenance, lemon protection etc, I had a copy of the warranty from BestBuy and proved each arguement invalid, after 2 hours they agreed to it (just to get rid of me I think, but I won).

  32. jumpman17 says:

    I work at Staples, let me clear up why this happened. The $100 recycle credit was indeed supposed to go until December 25th. After a couple weeks though, corporate said they’ve gone over anticipated numbers and were pulling the promotion. However, if any customer was to come in and say they want to trade in their computer because of that promotion, we were to still honor the promotion through the 25th.

  33. ronbo97 says:

    +1. This is their strategy.

    BTW, what ever happened to consumer protection laws ?

  34. halo969 says:

    I’ve never worked hard to get a company to honor a deal because if they try to lie to me I take my business elsewhere. I also boycott them in the future. I’m not going to let a business profit from treating me like dirt. I’m looking at you, Best Buy.

  35. kcjones87 says:

    I recently had to fight for a deal at verizon. I bought a new droid about a month ago. Spent more than 400 pre-rebate. Little did I know there was a buy one get one free offer at the time. I had researched the phone beforehand, before the offer started, but the sales rep failed to inform me of the deal. When I found out, i called and they said yes, I could get the.offer. I thought I’d use it for a phone for my sister, who.was on our shared plan. We went to the store a few weeks later, when she got home from school for vacation, but the rep told us the offer was only valid.on the Droid x, not the incredible. When I went home I found the print ad wih the picture of the incredible actually featured, so I called.customer service, who told me that it was past 30 days (it was 34 days, exactly) and I couldnt redeem the offer. The customer service rep instead sell me on buying an inexpensive phone to save money. I was pretty.pissed considering I could’ve gotten a $200 phone for free if I’d just been told so. It was a pretty big offer, worth a good deal of money, so for my sales rep not to tell me to take advantage of it was just plain wrong. I called to see what they could do. The rep had the audacity to say to me “this offer is over. You missed it. If there’s a 50 dollar bill on the ground and you don’t pick it up, its gone, isn’t it?”. I countered with “but if I drop my own 50 on the floor and the guy behind me picks it up, that’s stealing l, isn’t it?”. he put me on with he manager. I explained and eventually got a 35 dollar discount for my sister. Which was nice, but considering she still spent 70+ on a phone that could’ve been free, I’m still angry. Next time ill research more thoroughly and quiz the reps before I finalize any purchase, but I’ve worked in retail before and I know that failing to inform a loyal customer, especially one who is dropping a good amount of money, of an incentive deal us just shoddy customer service.

  36. flyingNun says:

    I created an account to share my similar experience with this promotion and staples. I ended up having to go to three different staples as well to honor this deal. The first two stores I had called were very rude when I tried to explain the same thing you mentioned. Kept insisting that I was not going to an official Staples website showing the promotion. One manager ended up laughing and hanging up on me when I asked for his name. I ended up having to call corporate to confirm the deal is valid. The CSR’s confirmed with the local stores that this was a valid deal.

    I ended up going to one store to redeem the deal. The manager didn’t seem very pleasant from the beginning. I am assuming since corporate ended up having to get the district managers involved once he refused to accept the promotion the first time. He really didn’t seem to want to accept my laptops. I had brought two which I thought would fit the promotion. There were certain problems with the laptop but both booted to windows just fine. He ended up denying both with a sarcastic response and running away before I could explain. I do not plan on doing business with Staples again. Particularly the ones in Denver, CO(Colorado Blvd) and Longwood, CO.

  37. odarkshineo says:

    I came on black Friday to get the microsoft keybeard deal they had 50 bucks off. It looked like they were sold out. I walked off and come back a few minutes later and found one tucked back a little and kind of crushed, they had no big sale sign on it like they did all their other sale items. I took it not sure if I had the correct item. I walked off walked around the store again waiting on my girlfriend. I came back and there was ONE box sitting there again. I picked it up since it was in better shape and walked back to my girlfriend. I made one more swing around the store and there was ONE more sitting out. These guys were sitting them out one at a time lol.

  38. ENS1944 says:

    Welcome to staples customer service. I spent two years in a top performing easy tech department, mostly because I did what you just talked about :).


    To staples it doesn’t matter if you sell someone 10 laptops. If someone walked in with $100 off, an attitude that he was, ‘looking for the best deal,’ then he got the worst service and that is more or less what you’ll find in these places.

    Staples loses money on the products in a hope to get more products with the computer. Anything that you can attach to a PC is good for, ‘the numbers,’ and if your, ‘numbers’ are not at a certain number then you clearly suck at selling, and they need to make you a customer.

    So here are some tips to counter act, ‘us,’ or those who (were) and still are actively acting against customers in order to get, ‘numbers.’

    1)Always have the phone number to a local staples :). You don’t know how many times I sweated each time I saw a guy I just lied to call up another staples. Because I KNEW what I’d do in that situation. I’d say, ‘let me check the inventory of another store,’ so you wouldn’t come to my store (of course!) And they’d show its on. Then you know what you do? You say, ‘ill hold while you call up that store (the one you’re at)’ and they talk to the GM and find out they do have one for someone! BAM you caught them in their lie.

    2)If it says I or C just say you’ll take the floor model, if they say they cant give it to you then they have more in the back. its just a flub.

    3)Tell the salesperson you want a 3 year w/ accidental, office ultimate, and a new printer. Get it all up to the counter with your computer in sight and just say, ‘ill take the computer only today, sorry.’ no one ever did this with me, but I thought about it, and I know I would of waited hand and foot on the person.

    4)NEVER SAY YOU HAVE A COUPON. Dear lord keep them hidden. If I saw some person walk in with a $75 coupon I instantly had my entire stock of computers gone :). Why? Coupons INSTANTLY SUBTRACT from the marketbasket. So if I sell you a computer with $75 im already at a -75$ on that computer and for the week at some times. Thats why in your case they wouldn’t sell you a computer, it hit them at a -100$ basket, when their goal is a $190 Basket on average for all computers!! That means they have to go out and sell something with a $300-400 basket just to hit their minimum goal. And if they dont? They lose their jobs :(.

    5)If you need to buy a lot of stuff at staples talk to your local ‘smart’ easy tech. There were times where ive litterally handed people free laptops because what they were buying helped my basket so good. If you have to buy a $1000 printer just see if you can get a deal for a free netbook or something. Take the service plan on the printer to be kind of course :). It will not only get you a free computer, but it’s going to give that sales person a letter from the president!

    The last thing I’ll say is – Do not dis the people who work there for getting, ‘more money’ for not selling you something. No one at staples is paid for selling more. I got paid the same amount if I did 30000 in sales and if I did $1000. And I was one of the people pushing really hard to do that $30000. Its a game, and people are competing internally because of the consumers willingness to purchase.