"Pure Chocolate" Does Not Exist, EU Court Rules

There’s no such thing as “pure chocolate,” says a European Union high court, and the phrase cannot appear on the front of candy packages.

On one side of the debate, chocolate-making purists, like those in Italy and Belgium, who use only cocoa butter. On the other, countries like Britain and others who use vegetable oils.

The European Union had sued Italy after the country enacted a law in 2003 that allowed for some choco-treats to be labeled as “pure chocolate.” It was a direct jab at manufacturers who used vegetable oil.

Under EU law, chocolate can say “chocolate” on the front label. If it’s made with cocoa butter or vegetable oils, that needs to appear on the ingredients list. If it’s made with vegetable oils, the front package also needs to say, “Contains vegetable fats in addition to cocoa butter.”

However, no rule has been made yet requiring the use of the word “mocklate.”

EU court: No such thing as ‘pure chocolate’ [AP]

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