Is Booze-Infused Whipped Cream The Next Four Loko?

With caffeinated malt beverages coming under fire from the FDA and other buzzkills, a hole has been created for those who are tired of just getting their booze the old-fashioned way… A hole that is being filled by the makers of alcohol-infused whipped cream.

Products like the 30-proof Cream and 36-proof Whipped Lightning are available in all sorts of flavors and are beginning to become popular among those looking to top off their Jell-O shots (or the always-sexy pumpkin pie) with even more alcohol.

Says the owner of one Boston booze store about the canned concoctions:

I’m amazed at the amount we’ve sold… I thought these would be one of those kitschy things we pulled off the shelf in six months, but within the first week we had already sold out the initial order.

While this seems like an ideal product for everyone’s favorite drinker — the underage lightweight — the CEO of the company behind Cream swears that it’s biggest demographic is between the ages of 25 and 35.

Or at least that’s what their fake IDs say…

Has anyone out there sampled the boozy whipped cream? We want to hear from you — and maybe invite you over for a hot chocolate if you have any left.

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