Does Logitech Disable Keyboard Combos To Stifle Gamers?

Greg bought a Logitech keyboard, hoping to use it on first-person shooters. He discovered that a common shift+W+space bar combination, which apparently is often used by gamers, doesn’t work on its lower-end products.

He and gamers on a Logitech forum say Logitech designed the keyboards that way to encourage customers to spend more on its gaming-specific products.

He writes:

Logitech doesn’t want gamers to be able to use its less-expensive non-gaming keyboards for gaming, so they disable the ability to use the keys Shift, w, and Space together. This prevents one from making a running jump forward in an FPS. I just bought the keyboard today, and I’m unfortunately just hearing that they seem to be pretty arrogant about this situation.

If you’ve suffered this alleged shortcoming on a keyboard made by Logitech or another company, let us know.

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