Town Tells Walmart It Can't Have Early Morning Black Friday

There will be no pre-dawn Black Friday shopping rampages inside the Victor, NY Walmart. Backed by a wave of local outcry, the town had denied the superstore’s request to open from 11pm to 7am on Nov 25-26th.

The normal hours allowed at the location are from 7am to 11pm daily.

Residents, especially those in nearby neighborhoods, had several concerns. Among them, light pollution, traffic disruption, and the sound of car doors slamming. They were also worried that, despite assurances that the variance would be just for one year, it would set a precedent for other stores to follow. Also, they feared Walmart would use the ruling to get expanded hours on other holidays as well.

The planning board went on to suggest that the store could open at 5am instead, and recommended how the store might change its advertising.

Victor Planning Board rules – Walmart’s doors stay closed Thanksgiving night [MPNnow] (Thanks to Ken!)
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