McDonald's Runs Out Of McRib Buns, Slaps A Big Mac Bun On Instead

Consumerist reader Dan decided to McRib it for lunch today, so he drove through the drive-thru at a Chicago McDonald’s to pick one up. Unfortunately, what he got was a half-covered sandwich on a bun he can’t eat.

Here’s Dan:

When I opened it up I immediately noticed that someone replaced the delicious McRib bun with a Big Mac bun. I immediately called to find out what happened and I was told they ran out of McRib buns and were substituting the Big Mac bun. Some news they failed to tell me when I placed my order in the drive-thru.

Adds Dan, who can’t eat sesame seeds, “So much for lunch today. I guess I’ll have a candy bar and a Coke.”


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  1. SimplyStating says:

    Does any kind of bread hide the fact you are eating mystery meat? And wow.. Presentation on that order FAILED!

    • Mr. Fix-It says: "Canadian Bacon is best bacon!" says:

      Presentation? On a McDonald’s order?

      Surely you jest!

      • Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ã‚œ-゜ノ) says:

        The only way the presentation could be worse is if the Big Mac actually exploded as you opened the box instead of merely exploding in there before you open it.

    • qualityleashdog says:

      I’ve been known to return from the drive-thru, find a McManager, open my Big Mac box in front of them and ask them if that’s how McDonald’s wants their Big Macs to appear (when I find a particularly nasty looking, slapped together, half-on, half-off sandwich). They always personally make me a new, *perfect* sandwich.

      • TouchMyMonkey says:

        Or you could launch a website devoted to exposing the difference between the advertised version of fast food and the actual version, until one of them cries “uncle” in the form of threats from their armies of lawyers.

      • eddieck says:

        A new, perfect sandwich… with a little extra on it! :)

    • rdldr1 says:

      What you call mystery meat, I call magical meat.

  2. ubermex says:

    In before blaming the OP.

    McDonalds is in the wrong, the customer should be notified of any substitutions.

    • ryder28910 says:

      Fine, I’ll bite. The OP (and you as well, frankly) is a stone-cold moron who obviously didn’t even know what he was ordering, considering the regular buns have seeds on them anyway. You both need to put your helmets back on and hop back on the short bus.

      • YouDidWhatNow? says:

        No, a regular McRib bun does not have sesame seeds on it. Speaking of that short bus…they’re waiting for you.

      • qualityleashdog says:

        Ingredients of a McRib Bun (from Bun)

        Notice there is no sesame.

        Enriched flour (bleached wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), water, yeast, high fructose corn syrup, contains 2% or less of the following: salt, corn meal, wheat gluten, soybean oil, partially hydrogenated soybean and/or cottonseed oils, dextrose, sugar, malted barley flour, cultured wheat flour, calcium sulfate, ammonium sulfate, soy flour, dough conditioners (sodium stearoyl lactylate, datem, ascorbic acid, azodicarbonamide, mono- and diglycerides, ethoxylated mono- and diglycerides, monocalcium phosphate, enzymes, guar gum, calcium peroxide), calcium propionate (preservative), soy lecithin.

      • runswithscissors says:

        Before you call people morons and tell them to get on the short bus, you might want to actually know what you’re talking about yourself, as it really sucks to call someone names and insult their intelligence and all and – you know – be WRONG yourself.


        McRib Bun
        Enriched flour (bleached wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), water, yeast, high fructose corn syrup, contains 2% or less of the following: salt, corn meal, wheat gluten, soybean oil, partially hydrogenated soybean and/or cottonseed oils, dextrose, sugar, malted barley flour, cultured wheat flour, calcium sulfate, ammonium sulfate, soy flour, dough conditioners (sodium stearoyl lactylate, datem, ascorbic acid, azodicarbonamide, mono- and diglycerides, ethoxylated mono- and diglycerides, monocalcium phosphate, enzymes, guar gum, calcium peroxide), calcium propionate (preservative), soy lecithin.

  3. classic10 says:

    Meaty paddy coated in corn syrup on white bread, yummy!

  4. DerangedKitsune says:

    Joe Pesci said it best in Lethal Wepon 2: “They FUCK YOU at the drive-thru!”

    Things like this are why I never do drivethrough, despite how much my SO bugs me to at times.

    • ellemdee says:

      I never go through the drive through, either (unless it’s so late the dining room is closed). I always check my food before leaving and that’s much easier to do on a counter or a table than in a car than while a line waits behind you. I’m a vegetarian so, if my food’s made wrong, I can’t eat it. Sucks in the winter, though.

      I often find that it’s quicker to go inside, especially during high volume times of the day. In the morning, I’m in and out in no time while the same 10 cars wait in line. I used to use my local local McD’s drive through until I realized it took an average of 11 minutes from order to pickup via the drive through (not including the wait to get to the speaker) and maybe 1-2 minutes if I went inside.

    • kc2idf says:

      Ding! We have a winner!

      For a couple of years, my wife had a 100% failure rate at getting the right thing from a drive-through. Since that meant that 100% of the time we then had to park the car and walk in anyway, we decided that it would be less time-consuming just to walk in in the first place.

      This 100% failure rate seems to have been independent of what chain we were visiting.

      In retrospect, I suppose that we could have stayed parked at the drive-through window until the problem was resolved. That would grind the drive-through to a halt and get their undivided attention cast onto the problem.

      • HogwartsProfessor says:

        I have the same problem; ergo, I never go through the drive through. Also, the driver’s side window on my car decided it doesn’t want to roll down anymore, so I have to go in anyway.

  5. Mr. Fix-It says: "Canadian Bacon is best bacon!" says:

    Having worked in a McDonald’s franchise, I can tell you for a fact that they simply do not care. The only concern they have is whether or not they make their minimum profit for each hour.

    Push the crappy food out any which way we can. :(

    • reynwrap582 says:

      Indeed, the only metric that mattered at the end of the day at our store was getting our labor cost under a certain percentage point each day (like 19% or something like that…26%? I can’t remember). This caused managers to tell some of us to clock out for several hours during slow periods but STAY IN THE STORE so we could clock back in when it got busy. This was extremely common practice before I worked there, seemed to come to an abrupt end when I told the manager I would only clock out if I were leaving for the rest of the day, and informed my coworkers that this practice was illegal (in California, at least).

      The only other concern were complaints to the franchise office (which owned about 20-25 stores in the region), which almost always triggered a conference call with the franchise owner, regional manager, store manager, and any specific employees that were complained about. Store managers rarely lasted longer than 6-9 months. The first manager that I had when I started working there was literally relieved of duties when she was institutionalized, though I think her craziness had been present well before she took over that position.

  6. techstar25 says:

    The candy bar and a coke will be healthier.

  7. aja175 says:

    That candy bar and coke probably has more nutritional value.

    • whyt says:

      McRib Nutritional Info:
      490 calories, 220 calories from fat, 25 g fat, 8 g saturated fat, 75 mg cholesterol, 1040 mb sodium, 44 g carbohydrates, 2 g fiber, 24 g protein, 11 g sugars.

      Hershey Milk Chocolate Bar nutritional information from the Hershey site:
      210 calories, 110 calories from fat, 13g fat, 8 g saturated fat, 10 mg cholesterol, 35 mg
      sodium, 26 g carbohydrates, 1 g fiber, 3 g protein, 24 g sugars

      mmm, delicious Hershey chocolate. Special Dark chocolate, even better.

      • Toffeemama is looking for a few good Otters says:

        Milky Way Midnight, FTW!

      • privax says:

        Eat a Hershey bar, as a matter fact eat 2.. and it still won’t fill you up nearly as well as the McRib will.

        Granted it’s not the the most nutritional sandwich you can eat but it taste a lot better than it looks. If you like the taste of ribs and enjoy the flavor of McDonalds BBQ sauce you would like this. Promise.

        Most of the people knocking the McRib haven’t even had it yet — If you’re all for organic food and pride yourself on eating all natural food that’s one thing — But if you have too much “pride” to lower your standards here’s some food for thought… I can easily spend anywhere from $150-200 on dinner for two when I go out to eat but still don’t mind eating at McDonalds on occasions. McDonalds food when hot and “fresh” taste pretty good.

  8. Alvis says:

    Why, exactly, can’t he eat it?

    • SimplyStating says:

      Per the article Adds Dan, who can’t eat sesame seeds, “So much for lunch today. I guess I’ll have a candy bar and a Coke.”

    • jesirose says:

      Adds Dan, who can’t eat sesame seeds, “So much for lunch today. I guess I’ll have a candy bar and a Coke.”

    • edman007 says:

      Some people are allergic to sesame.

      • ablestmage says:

        Also not specified — (a) asking that Dan get an exchange on it is impossible, or (b) Dan actually taking 2 minutes removing the seeds is also impossible. Whatever Dan gets is apparently whatever Dan gets. Is Dan six?

    • ubermex says:

      Probably crohn’s disease. That’s the most common seed issue.

    • tater says:

      My guess: diverticulosis. Doctors typically recommend you don’t eat seeds if you suffer from it.

    • Kishi says:

      If only the post had specified why he couldn’t eat the bun.

    • Dukie says:

      Diverticulitis maybe?

    • shepd says:

      His real name is Milo Hoffman?

    • Balaenoptera says:

      Wow, you really got jumped on for that one. I feel for anyone who can’t have delicious sesame seeds

    • dg says:

      It’s McDonald’s silly. Everyone knows that after you turn 35, that little gland which makes the special McDonald’s-digesting enzyme dries up from overuse, and McDonald’s gives you the hershey squirts every time you try to eat anything from that so-called Restaurant…

      Given that it’s CHICAGO – there’s SOOOOOOO many restaurants around that serve actual food. Stuff that is nutritious, delicious, and made-to-order w/o any of that “sorry, ran out of buns” bullshit. How tough is it to order 10% more buns than meat-like patties, so you have enough on-hand?

      • yusefyk says:

        I think I understand what you’re saying? Let me translate for others.

        “People under 35 can’t digest McDonalds ‘food’ well. In Chicago there are many better restaurants. Also they should order more buns there.”

        This is public service of YusefYK.

    • ames says:

      “Adds Dan, who can’t eat sesame seeds”
      That would be why, exactly – unless you’re looking for a description of Dan’s allergies which are none of your business.

  9. denros says:

    “I was told they ran out of McRib buns and were substituting the Big Mac bun.”

    The big mac has 3 bun pieces. What’d they do with all the middle pieces?
    More importantly, back when I worked at mcdonalds we used to pull hijinks of a far more hilarious caliber than this, including a cinnamon roll which contained no less than 50% icing by weight.

    • zegota says:

      They either threw it away, or just kept it for later. Depending on their menu, there are items that get a sesame seed bun without the middle Big Mac bun, so it may have not even been an issue.

      • shepd says:

        They could use it for people that ask for a big mac on a regular bun (because they don’t want sesame seeds).

      • erciesielski says:

        As a former McDonalds employee of 5 years I consider myself an expert on all things under the Golden Arches. There are normally four different buns on the McDonalds menu. Regular buns (cheese burgers, hamburgers), Quarter Pounder buns, Angus buns, and Big Mac buns. The Big Mac buns are the same diameter as the regular buns, but they are taller, have a third layer that sits between the top and bottom. Since the Bic Mac buns come as a 3-peice unit, if the middle layer wasn’t used for a particular sandwich, it would be thrown away. No use for it. For the record, the size of the bun in the picture looks more like the size of a quarter pounder bun.

    • Hooray4Zoidberg says:

      They save the middle piece and use it to wipe down the counter.

      • sugarplum says:

        Yes! That little middle section looks like a mop up cloth. (Zoidberg would eat this box and all, at least no waste!)

    • BurtReynolds says:

      Once someone made the mistake of ordering a filet o fish with “extra extra” tartar sauce. I think his sandwich weighed 5 pounds.

  10. Bladerunner says:

    I’m not really sure why this is even on here… It’s not like the food was really really gross or moldy or anything, or that this is a systemic problem. They should have let him know of the substitution, but it doesn’t say he even asked for a refund when he called back.

    I once went to a wendy’s and ordered a baconater without bun (I can’t eat bread…stupid celiac), and when I got home I had meat but no bacon whatsoever (something tells me the no bun was the reason they got confused). So I went back, hours later, and they were apologetic and fixed it. Granted, it sucked, but mistakes get made. That’s normal.

    Usually things are posted on Consumerist if they’re abnormal, either because they’re pointing out a systemic problem, or because the situation is particularly bad. This is neither…

    • anonyname says:

      Two reasons: 1) He wasn’t told that the substitution would be made. 2) Phil.

      • TechnicallySpeaking says:

        1) Who freaking cares. There ought to be a special complaints section for those whose problems total

        2) Nope.

        • TechnicallySpeaking says:

          Right. “less than” and all after was filtered.

          append “less than $3.50” to the end of my snark above.

      • ryder28910 says:

        What substitution? Bread is bread, and the regular buns are seeded anyway. Two breadless bites are not something to get pissy over.

        • Kryndar says:

          He is alergic to sesame seeds, or at least that is what I assume from “who can’t eat sesame seeds”.

    • The cake is a lie! says:

      I think the real problem is that he can’t eat sesame seeds. If he would have known they would put a big mac bun on it, then he wouldn’t have ordered it. It is about a food allergy and not about the size of the bun. They didn’t know he had an allergy, but when you substitute one bun without seeds for one that has them, you have to consider that some people might like to know that. It actually opens them up for lawsuits, sadly enough.

  11. GMFish says:

    It looks like the McAbortion.

  12. tater says:

    That has absolutely happened to me, except with other sandwiches. I have noticed that it tends to be McDonalds that does this most frequently, as compared to the other fast food chains. (I already know, I eat way more of that sh*t than I should. =[)

  13. Beeker26 says:

    Epic fail. The OP forgot to say how he’s swearing to never eat at McDonald’s again.

  14. kobresia says:

    I wonder why he couldn’t scrape the seeds off, do they leave some sort of residue?

    But really, McDonalds? The sensible way to handle the shortage would’ve probably been to just cut the “rib” (I use the term rather loosely) in half, and put each half on the smallest, plain hamburger bun. Or just use a flatbread wrap, if they have any from those McSalads I hear about. I haven’t actually eaten at a Mcdonalds in several years, but there has to be a better option than what they went with here.

    • outlulz says:

      McDonalds corporate is so anal about every store’s food being consistent that I’m sure all of that is against the rules.

    • sjgarg says:

      I’m mycophobic. If I order a pepperoni pizza and it shows up with mushrooms on it that i didn’t even ask for, then I’ll be sending it back. I cannot stand the thought of eating it after picking off the mushrooms, it’s disgusting.

      Should we all start stating everything we don’t want that shouldn’t even be present on the food item to begin with?
      Should I have to state “No Mushrooms” when I order a pepperoni pizza?

      Same thing here, OP ordered something that isn’t supposed to have sesame seeds by default, and when they show up, they spoil the food.
      Is he supposed to state he didn’t want sesame seeds on the item when ordering despite the fact that it comes with none by default?

      Maybe OP has a phobia for sesame seeds, maybe they give him gas, maybe he has an allergy. They’re all valid reasons to not enjoy the sandwich.

      • c_c says:

        Most likely he has a sesame allergy… is there even a sesame-phobia??

        I didn’t even know there was a fear of mushrooms! Mycophobia… very interesting… and too bad, you’re missing out on some tasty fungus.

      • DevsAdvocate says:

        How the hell do you fear mushrooms?

        • sjgarg says:

          Links back to being around 4 years old, babysitter’s house, she fed my sister and I some canned mushrooms daily for lunch. This went on for a few weeks. When we told our mom about it, she gave us cans of alpha ghetti, zoodles, etc. and other canned pastas to bring with us for lunch. Babysitter gave those to her own children and continued to feed us the canned mushrooms.
          Anyways, it exists and it still affects me as an adult.

          Fears can exist for just about anything.

    • rdldr1 says:

      If he has some sort of health reason why he can’t EAT the sesame seeds, why would you expect him to scrape it off himself — even though he did not get what he paid for.

  15. vespa59 says:

    Yeah, so all you people out there in third world countries with oppressive regimes who are thinking about immigrating to the U.S., looking for a better life, as you can see, things aren’t so rosy here. Our suffering is clearly as deep, but who is coming to our aid? You think the Red Cross cares that people over here are being served McRib’s on the WRONG BUN? No. Is anyone out there forming some sort of “Coalition of the Willing” to come in here and save us from this hellish existence? NO. It’s up to us, Americans. We need to stand up and say we’re not going to live like this anymore. If our own government and fast food establishments aren’t going to restore humanity and enable us to pursue a life without this kind of atrocity, then it’s up to us! Viva la resistance!

    • quijote says:

      I think you make a good point, but you could really say the same thing about almost any complaint that anyone has. “Oh, your cable service isn’t so good? Oh, gee, I’m sure the starving children of the world cry for you!” Just because there are far more serious things in the world to complain about doesn’t mean you can’t also be justified in complaining about less serious things.

    • rdldr1 says:

      You want some cheese with your being an alarmist crybaby who didn’t read the article, which stated that he absolutely cannot eat sesame seeds.

      Way to be a jag bag.

  16. Gravitational Eddy says:

    I for one, welcome our new bun Overlords.

  17. Michael says:

    The same thing happened to me this weekend. I ordered two and both ended up this way. They also ran out of the correct packaging. In the drive through they mentioned the problem with the boxes (not really an issue) but didn’t say a word about the hamburger buns. I also ended up with a Diet Coke instead of a Coke. I snagged a photo and was going to submit a comment to the main McDonalds Website but I did not want to enter a bunch of personal information just to complain.

    But this kind of thing isn’t unusual for the McDonalds in my town… I rarely go there any more (not just because I think it’s unhealthy but also because the quality of the fries is not consistent and aside from the McRib that’s the only thing I really like from there).

  18. Buddha says:

    Mcdonalds in is the wrong, yes.

    But seriously dude, you can’t eat sesame seeds, but you can that disgusting piece of mystery meat???

    • Draw2much says:

      He might be allergic to sesame seeds, but not mystery meat ya know. :)

      • Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ã‚œ-゜ノ) says:

        I’m not convinced it’s possible for humans to be allergic to entirely synthetic substances, so…

        … I mean, toxicology is not a study of allergies.

      • RvLeshrac says:

        What? Pork? Since when is pork “mystery meat”? It isn’t like ground pork is some extravagant, expensive commodity that McDonalds can’t purchase in MASSIVE QUANTITIES at low prices.

        QQ moar. Or, at least, better.

    • NF says:

      Pork is mysterious?

  19. rpm773 says:

    I like to see this – the ability to think fast on your feet!

    The person who came up with this solution will one day relate in an interview how he solved “the great McRib crisis of 2010”

  20. chipslave says:

    contact corporate McDonald’s about this. They take this stuff seriously. I emailed them about the shoddy conditions of a McD I was at and they replied back to me within a couple days and the O/O sent me a letter a couple days later with a couple free EVM’s in it.

    • nybiker says:

      EVM = Extra Value Meal, correct? But what is O/O?

    • Boo LaRue says:

      I agree that *corporate* McDonald’s does care. A lot of the individual franchises, on the other hand, could care less. I emailed corporate McD about an issue with a particular franchise. Two days later I received an email from Corporate asking me if the franchise’s manager had contacted me yet. When I told Corporate that the franchise had not, they picked up the ball where the franchise dropped it and made my matter right.

      The franchise never did contact me.

  21. jdm says:


  22. Underpants Gnome says:

    The OP left out the very important detail of which Chicago McDonalds is serving sub-standard Ribwiches…. This is vital information considering I was going to get one after work today.

  23. yohoshua says:

    The same thing happened to me, but I can eat sesame seeds, and I thoroughly enjoyed a folded McRib patty on a Big Mac bun. Poor guy.

  24. Sunflower1970 says:

    McD’s needed to alert the customer that there was a substitution of the bun.

    But the McRib…Oooh. Mystery meat at its finest. Extra pickle, onion and sauce *mouth waters* I might have to get one tonight…

  25. hotcocoa says:

    Seriously? Throw away the top bun and grab a fork and knife to eat the rest. Don’t tell me you wasted the whole sandwich because of this? Why was a stupid ass story like this even posted?? He can’t be deathly allergic to sesame seeds, or he wouldn’t be able to eat at McDonald’s period, (it’s not a sesame-free facility) so really, this story comes off as lame with a dash of defeatist. I’m sure they would have given you another sandwich if you asked to talk to the manager (lunch for the next day?).

  26. iaxon says:

    Last time I checked the McRib bun they’ve been using forever also has sesame seeds.

    A bun shaped differently certainly seems like a suitable replacement.

  27. LBD "Nytetrayn" says:

    Why would they order more McRib patties than buns?

    • SabreDC says:

      Maybe they spilled something on the tray of buns. Maybe they dropped buns on the floor and threw them away. Maybe they burned some extra buns during the day in the toaster. There are plenty of reasons that the bun to patty ratio could be off.

  28. Daisy Chain says:


  29. dugr2 says:

    I don’t eat at McDonald’s anymore, but a few years ago the same thing happened to me with the McRib. It was cut in half, though, and was between two bottom buns, not even a top and a bottom. It was right around the time when it was first launched for that year, so perhaps they didn’t have the McRib buns in. I actually want to thank McDonald’s for giving me such horrible service and food poisoning, because now I don’t waste my money there! I’M LOVIN IT!

  30. El Sabor Asiatico says:

    This is what we call a first-world problem.

  31. dush says:

    So is that a bait and switch? They advertise one thing then give him something else that he can’t eat.

  32. RobThy says:

    Its just a wrong order. That is obviously a special order, as it has no pickles or onions on it either.

  33. Awesome McAwesomeness says:

    The customer should have been notified, but rather than eat a candy bar or coke, I would have eaten the fake rib part of the sammy.

  34. BBP says:

    JESUS CHRIST! Is that even FOOD!?

    I think that even if it had the right bun, it would still look like some kind of food-like abomination.

  35. coren says:

    If I couldn’t eat sesame seeds I’d find a fork and use that. That’s gotta suck, it’s such a random food to not be able to eat

  36. Dont lump me into your 99%! says:

    Oh Mcrib, I will always remember the lunch we had together the other day. The light was just right, your quivering buns were so…..soft. The extra mess you left on my face was okay by me. But I know you are only here on a short visit, and I am not sure how I will cope with it when you leave….but lets not let that ruin the mood, as I know you will be back next year, when your over jealous masters allow you to be.

  37. qualityleashdog says:

    They did this to me a couple of years ago! I drove 26 miles for a McRib. I ordered two in the drive-thru, pulled forward from the window, opened the first box, and found ONE MCRIB PATTY ripped in half, and each half placed on one cheeseburger bun! I pulled over and ran into the lobby. The manager said they ran out of buns. I said 1) running out of buns is okay, but I should have been informed of that when I ordered, and 2) giving me half the meat I paid for is never okay.
    I said I may have accepted the full patties on the cheeseburger buns had I been forewarned, but on principle I now wanted a full refund and the McMockeries thrown in the trash. I raised all sorts of holy hell all the way to store manager, regional manager and corporate. That was my last encounter with the McRib until this month. A week ago, I opened my mail to find coupons for two free McRibs since I had “provided such valuable feedback in the past regarding the McRib.” Apparently not all that valuable, since they’re still trying to pull these stunts.

  38. 6T9 says:

    It looks like a Jaguar xke. Either that or something Ace and Gary would order.

  39. jimmyhl says:

    I’m guilty of blaming the OP for expecting a bunch of marginal employables to produce and serve a quality meal for $3.79 + plus tax pushed through a hole in the wall within a minute and a half. Fast food just doesn’t add up for the consumer. Most of it is garbage, sad to say, and worse yet, the corporate profits don’t even stay in your community. Not to be ultra-dramatic, but fast food is really a lose/lose deal for consumers (with or without bun SNAFUS). Go to a real restaurant and order real food or pack a bag with some some good bread, real cheese and a piece of fruit. Believe me: If fast food purveyors gave a damn about you, they’d close down. Forgot about writing to ‘corporate’ or talking to the manager. What for? So you can get a handful of coupons redeemable for more garbage? Just stop eating there and do yourself a big favor.

  40. Meano says:

    In no particular order:

    McDonald’s ships most of their restaurants’ supplies – food, cleaning supplies, the works – from central commissaries. But unless things have changed, one exception is that they source the buns more locally according to unusually exacting standards. (An earlier poster wondered why they ordered different amounts of buns and patties. The patties arrive frozen and last longer.)

    The standard McRib bun isn’t seeded. It’s oblong and supposed to look dusted-with-cornmeal rustic.

    Even if the OP weren’t allergic to seeds, a substitute bun is a pain. It’s a messy sandwich with the right bun. With the wrong bun, it’s a mess.

    The right solution is for the drive-thru person to tell anyone ordering a McRib that they’re out of the right buns but would be happy to make the sandwich on a Quarter Pounder bun. Period. If I pay $3.50 for a Quarter Pounder and the McDrone puts Big Mac sauce on it, the proper interpretation is “McD’s screwed up,” not “Geez, there are people being buried in volcanic ash in Indonesia.” If you’re having trouble with that concept: (1) recall that McDonalds’ whole value proposition is cheap, standardized food; and (2) look at the word between “http://” and “.com” in your browser’s address bar.

  41. Atsumi says:

    Would taking the bun off not have worked? I’d be fine eating just the pretend rib.

    I was mad the morning they replaced my hashbrown with french fries and didn’t tell me!

  42. Jabulo says:

    well, be glad McDonalds messed up your order, you shouldn’t be eating that anyway. There’s nothing “rib” about the McRib. Maybe an apple and Orange Juice instead of a candy bay and Coke for a substitute.

  43. Max5695 says:

    Clearly this was done by an employee who was not following proper procedures. If they run out of the proper bun, they should notify the customer immediately and offer a refund or another food choice.

    Substituting a different bun or ingredient is clearly a violation and should not be done unless the customer is informed and agrees to a substitution.

    McDonald’s restaurants are franchises. Each store or group of stores has an owner. Some franchises might not be following the proper written standards. Complain to the corporate office and they will respond. They should offer some coupons for free food items.

  44. Gilcole says:

    It all comes out the same, in the end…

  45. crazy guggenheim says:

    You guys are really scraping the bottom with this story, I have to say. That anyone would even bother to contact you to report a matter as insignificant as this really says something about the mindset of the American consumer in general, and the OP in particular.

    Also, for no particular reason other than I want to know, why is it so goddamn difficult for McDonald’s to offer the McRib all the time instead of random times in the year? If it’s this popular why not replace something else on the menu that doesn’t sell all that well like the McOyster platter?

    • JollyJumjuck says:

      I would like to know why it is so difficult to offer Shamrock Shakes every year in Canada? Is there some sort of embargo on the mint flavouring? Is the mint some kind of non-renewable resource like helium? Do they have to retool the entire shake machine?

  46. JollyJumjuck says:

    Oh yes, and McDonald’s took away their three best items ever: western omelet bagel, pizza, and shamrock shakes.

  47. OnePumpChump says:

    Then they ran out of McRib meat and began replacing it with Big Mac meat.

    “Excuse me, I ordered a McRib!”

    “That is a McRib, SIR.”

  48. Chaosium says:


  49. guymandude says:

    Slow news day?

  50. lvixen says:

    I don’t get the whole “I can’t eat it so I’ll have a coke and candy bar”. Uh, just because the bun has seeds, he can STILL eat the mystery meat. Granted, messier than with a bun but. Then again, can’t he just pick the seeds off? There are none inside, it’s only on the outside. They aren’t glued to the thing. They should have notified him at the drive through though so he could make the decision to purchase.

  51. Disappointed says:

    What any reasonable adult would do in this situation (if possible) is immediately go back to the McDonald’s, show them your receipt and the sandwich, and explain that you can’t eat sesame seeds. Then proceed to ask them if they would put your McRib on a seedless bun. In all likelihood, they will do just that, and send you on your way, happy, and with an edible lunch.

    I really hope that Dan didn’t just throw all that food away when he found out that he couldn’t eat the bun. I hope that he at least gave it to a homeless person or something.

  52. parv says:

    Did a dead fish vomit?

  53. BurtReynolds says:

    Its freaking McDonalds dude, what do you expect? If you want service, real meat, and have any expectation of quality, you don’t go somewhere with a drive through. Except maybe Chick-fil-a.

  54. wrbwrx says:

    Does a person like this really exist? Lunch is ruined so you will eat a candy bar and a coke. This sounds like a made up story or at least that last line was added as dramatic effect.

  55. backbroken says:

    What they didn’t tell you was that they also ran out of McRib meat and McRib sauce. Would you care to guess what they substituted?

  56. cys_av8r says:

    Seems like this McDonalds did something that very few do…adapted and served the customer. Should they have mentioned that they had no buns? Yes. But is this incident really worthy of a write up on this site? Nah…not really. Get over yourself rib-boy.

  57. sopmodm14 says:

    don’t worry Dan, its not the end of the world

  58. gnarsky says:

    I feel for the OP in this case for sure – I am also quite allergic to seasame seeds, and they are in EVERYTHING. Eating Chinese food is like playing Russian Roulette….most “healthy” granola and snack foods have it…anything with Tahini is a major no no.

    I too have had a couple instances in a drive through where a bun with seeds has been substituted without my knowledge, but sometimes I forget to ask, too.

    I guess I’m lucky in that I don’t get restricted breathing or any other kinds of shock from contact, but if I do eat them I experience extreme back pain. so, I’m not so worried about “contact” exposure as I am let’s say tahini lurking in something.

    If I make a mistake and order a burger and it has seeds on top, I just pitch the top bun and make sure no seeds are stuck to the bottom part. I guess this kind of thing depends on the severity of the allergy.

  59. Peggee is deeply offended by impetulant, pernicious little snots disrespecting her and violating her personal space at Best Buy. says:

    That sucks, but is it really Consumerist-worthy? The same place where we talk about homes being erroneously foreclosed upon and bank errors that turn into labyrinthine resolution processes? I got a McChicken the other day and asked for no mayo, but it was on there anyway. Do I get a headline?