Panda Express Makes You Pay For Food That Never Comes

How long is an unacceptable length of time to wait for your fast food? When Panda Express ran out of a few of the items that Dave ordered, employees first asked him to wait for the missing items, then asked him to pay for the missing items, then (after a half hour had passed) offered to substitute another entree for the missing items that he had already paid for. Dave wanted either a refund, or the food that he actually ordered and paid for.

We arrived at the [redacted] Panda on [redacted] street at 5:50 pm. I ordered three to-go dinners. They were out of Chow Mein and one of the chicken dishes, but they dished up what they had of the other dinners… AND THEN SET THEM ON THE COUNTER!!!! At 6:12 (note, I had now been waiting 15 minutes- and my food was sitting out entire time!) I was asked to pay for the food I had not yet received… and I did. Then I waited and waited some more… and 3-4 other customers got their order, but I was still waiting… Finally, at 6:25, and after waiting a FULL HALF HOUR, I asked for my dinner or my money back. They offered to substitute another entree… but I really did not want that. I wanted what I ordered a HALF HOUR EARLIER! So I asked for a refund… the cashier said they do not refund. HUH? I guess you don’t cook food either. I was a little impatient (but NOT rude), but I did say you can’t give me my food in a timely manner… and you have left the other food out on the counter for a full half hour…. I think I deserve a refund. They would not. This is TOTALLY wrong!!!!!

So I will contest this charge with Amex…. and I am sure they will run a charge back. I generally like Panda, and usually do not have a bad experience. And I am willing to cut some slack- 5 minutes, maybe even ten…. but a HALF HOUR???? This was way beyond what I find acceptable.

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