Buy Your Jeans Now Before Cotton Prices Go Up

It’s been a bad year for cotton-producing regions in India, China and Pakistan and the price of cotton has skyrocketed since the summer. So before retailers begin tacking this cost of materials increase onto the consumer, the forward-thinking people at have put together a list of what items you should stock up on.

Among the items on SmartMoney’s Buy Now list are:
*Denim Jeans
*Dress Shirts
*Socks and Underwear

But the site also advises that you might want to wait on some cotton products. For instance, it says to hold off for a bit and wait for January white sales on cotton bed and bath supplies:

Because these sheets, towels and other home goods are already on store shelves, they won’t be immediately affected by 2011 price increases. Don’t wait too long, though because late spring and summer stock hitting shelves are likely to be priced higher.

What to Buy Before Cotton Prices Rise []

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